crowdSPRING Puts Fate in Hands of the Crowd, Lets Users Design its Website

Online Marketplace for Creative Services Used its own Service to Crowdsource its Website Design

CHICAGO - 13-May-08 GMT-

crowdSPRING, the online marketplace for creative services, used its own crowdsourcing model to let creative individuals around the world contribute to the design of its own website. Today crowdSPRING unveiled the final design in action.

The company provides a new way for individuals and businesses to tap undiscovered creative talent around the world. crowdSPRING used the winning design as proof of concept in the launch of its service.

Marc Köhlbrugge, a new media student in The Netherlands, submitted the winning design during the competition, which ran for three weeks this spring. Köhlbrugge beat out 337 entries from 80 creatives around the world to win the $5,000 grand prize.

“I devoted all my free time to the project to make sure I would stand out from the crowd,” said Köhlbrugge, a student at the Communication & Multimedia Design School in Breda, Netherlands. “It worked.”

Two runner-up designs were also recognized, with each designer winning a $500 prize. As it turns out, the two runner-up award-winners, while separated by an ocean, are romantically attached and will pool their prize money to help pay for a summer vacation together. The runner-up winners are Amy Mahon of Toronto and Chris Mattingly of Bath, England. Mahon is moving to England to join Mattingly’s web design firm, called blubolt, this month.

“We couldn’t have asked for better proof of our model,” said Ross Kimbarovsky, crowdSPRING’s cofounder. "We proved that creativity exists everywhere — not just in people who make a career of it. Besides, when it comes down to it, it's far better to get 50 ideas than just one."

Starting today, crowdSPRING is available for anyone who wants to post a creative project and for anyone creative who wants to submit their ideas. crowdSPRING is different from other creative services marketplaces in that creatives don’t compete on the basis of bids or proposals, but rather purely on the merit of their work.

“I like the idea of collaborating with others in design projects and crowdSPRING is a great platform for that,” said runner-up winner Chris Mattingly of blubolt. “It's interesting to see other designer's submissions, and from those, you can see where your own work can be improved and ultimately learn from it.”

About crowdSPRING

crowdSPRING is an online marketplace for creative services. For buyers, crowdSPRING is a place to post a creative project, watch the world contribute ideas and choose the one they like. For creatives, crowdSPRING is a global stage for creativity where title and experience don't matter.

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