crowdSPRING Announces Innovative White-Label Feature for Marketers to Showcase Creative on Their Own Branded Platform

Presentation Feature Offers Unique Ability to Share and Reposition Creative as their Own

CHICAGO - 30-Mar-12 GMT-

Chicago, IL -- 03/30/2012 -- A new feature from crowdSPRING, the award-winning online marketplace for buyers and sellers of creative services such as logo design, web design and other types of graphic design, industrial design and writing services, allows art directors, agencies, project managers and consultants to tap into the website’s talent pool without tipping off clients that the creative team doesn’t work in-house.

Presentation, launched in March 2012, offers agencies an easy and discreet method of presenting to clients work they’ve commissioned from crowdSPRING’s community of more than 112,000 freelance designers and writers, located around the world. It allows a user to share with their clients the best submissions in an online gallery complete with their own branding.

“Nothing, nothing will give away that the work is crowdsourced,” said company co-founder Ross Kimbarovsky. “CrowdSPRING’s name and logo won’t appear anywhere in the Presentation gallery.”

Even the domain name is blind. When clients visit the gallery, their web browser will display a URL with the agency’s name, followed by “” For example, if the agency’s name is “The Marketing Spot,” gallery visitors will look through design selections or writing samples at “”

In addition to the absence of any crowdSPRING branding, Presentation offers several features to help users navigate it easily and securely. Multiple pages allow agencies to group submissions in multiple groups. Agencies can have a page for the “Top 10” favorite entries and a separate one for the “Top Five.” The gallery is also password-protected, preventing both competitors and anyone else from sneaking an unauthorized peek.

“This is the next step in ensuring crowdSPRING is useful to professionals in every role and at every point in the creative process,” said Mike Samson, Kimbarovsky’s partner and the other co-founder of crowdSPRING.

Since its launch in 2008, crowdSPRING has overseen nearly 28,000 projects from small businesses and mass brands, generated more than 2.8 million creative entries and averages more than 110 entries per project. For more information on Presentation, log on to To post a project or join the crowdSPRING creative community of nearly 112,000 designers and writers from more than 200 countries, visit

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