Bob Garfield’s The Chaos Scenario Documents “The End of Everything” in Media and Marketing… and Eats its Own Dog Food by Crowdsourcing its Cover Design

Famed author and media personality exposes the collapse of traditional marketing while using crowdsourcing to source his book cover design with crowdSPRING

CHICAGO IL - 1-Jul-09 GMT-

To coincide with the sharing of his apocalyptic vision of the present state of media and marketing, and (mainly) optimistic outlook of the future, Bob Garfield of Advertising Age and NPR’s On the Media, will be debuting The Chaos Scenario in a multi-tiered launch event. The first to debut will be the book, The Chaos Scenario, which documents how the digital revolution has de-coupled the 350-year-old symbiosis between mass media and mass marketing, and prescribes a new way for business and all institutions that up until now where accustomed to dictating from the top down. Garfield’s revolutionary approach to this project continues throughout the entire book by utilizing the innovative approach of crowdsourcing to create the book cover’s design. He’s tapped into crowdSPRING, an online marketplace for creative services, where he received hundreds of actual designs (not bids for design) from designers all over the world. When querying the crowdSPRING design community, Garfield requested a cover design that communicates complete upheaval...but perhaps leaves room for life after death in the post-apocalyptic world.

“Bob just gets it,” said Mike Samson, co-founder of crowdSPRING.  “He understands the importance of tapping into the underground, underdog creative community where passion runs deep and work is extraordinary yet undiscovered.  It’s an honor and a thrill to see the work of one of our very talented designers on the cover of this media and marketing icon’s book.”

The book will be the centerpiece of an unprecedented national event called “30 Days of Chaos.” In October, thousands of local chapters of the largest business organizations in the world will immerse themselves in all things Chaos, to confront the revolutionary changes in the relationships between large institutions and their audiences. Among those participating are the America Advertising Federation, the Public Relations Society of America, the Direct Marketing Association and the American Marketing Association.

The Chaos Scenario is the first title of Stielstra Publishing, Nashville, a new imprint dedicated to publishing, marketing, promoting and distributing books in a connected, digital world increasingly uninfluenced by traditional publishing methods. Co-founder Greg Stielstra pioneered these concepts as the marketing strategist behind Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life, which cultivated its natural audience in their own settings along the way to selling 30 million copies.

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