Packaging Europe
  • Iggesund’s Desinger Challenge
  • Packaging Europe Staff | 2-Feb-15 GMT
  • Iggesund Paperboard is working via the American crowdsourcing company Crowdspring to challenge the world’s designers to improve existing consumer packaging.
American Way
  • The Vacation Emancipation
  • Joseph Guinto | 1-Feb-15 GMT
  • Too many American workers hoard their holiday time. One solution: freeing workers from counting vacation days.
Los Angeles Times 3
  • Park Burger Announces Plans For Denver Roots Juicery
  • Ashley Hughes | 3-Jul-14 GMT
  • The juice bar will specialize in unique health-conscious beverages, with the name reflecting both having roots in Denver and vegetable roots. A crowdSPRING project has been started to develop a logo that incorporates the roots theme.
Small Business Trends
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  • How To Make Money Online
  • John Donovan | 17-Apr-14 GMT
  • Sites like CrowdSpring make it possible to peruse tasks companies need completed.
The Guardian
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Fast Company
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NBC Sports
  • Vote for your favorite new Mavs uniform
  • Kurt Helin | 25-Sep-13 GMT
  • The Dallas Mavericks asked fans to submit their own ideas for a Dallas Mavericks jersey design via and on
USA Today Icon
  • Mark Cuban announces finalists for Mavs jersey design contest
  • Sean Highkin | 25-Sep-13 GMT
  • Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban announced a contest allowing fans to design the team’s next uniforms. Now, the team has narrowed it down to 10 finalists. On, Cuban has set up a Facebook poll allowing fans to vote on the winner.
Chicago Business Journal
Huffington Post
  • Crowdsourced Workforces Rising
  • Sramana Mitra | 9-Sep-13 GMT
  • Crowdsourcing is a growing trend in the tech startup industry, and one that has the potential to address pressing needs in various markets.
  • Back to Basics
  • Bridget Gamble | 13-Aug-13 GMT
  • Using online surveys to gather feedback from customers can help you provide better experiences, products and services.
Financial Post
  • The Magic of Owning a Customer-Service Problem
  • Ross Kimbarovsky | 24-Jul-13 GMT
  • Setting the bar for outstanding customer service has never been more challenging. But startups can reap immense rewards when they wow customers with great service.
  • First look at Mavericks redesign entries
  • Paul Lukas | 20-May-13 GMT
  • Last week we reported that Mark Cuban was asking Mavericks fans for new uniform ideas. Now we have an exclusive first look at the designs that have been submitted so far, some of which are pretty good and some of which are, well, interesting. Let's take a look at some of the more notable ones (all images courtesy of CrowdSpring; click images to enlarge).
  • 6 Ways to Make Your Business Card Your Best Marketing Tool
  • Mike Samson and Ross Kimbarovsky | 20-May-13 GMT
  • Every day we hand out a tiny brochure about our businesses without even realizing it. Look at the stacks on your desk, the deck in your drawer or the stash in your wallet. Business cards, in all sizes, shapes and colors, are everywhere. And yet, while we all understand that a business card is a necessity, we often fail to see it as a marketing opportunity.
  • Startup does Mark Cuban $1K better on uniform design deal
  • Teresa Novellino | 17-May-13 GMT
  • Mark Cuban is crowdsourcing a new uniform design for the Dallas Mavericks, but the billionaire entrepreneur warned: the winning designer’s sole reward will be bragging rights, although he “may even throw in some tickets.” Now a Chicago-based startup, crowdSpring is getting in on the design fest and sweetening the deal a bit: It is hosting the project for the Dallas Maverickswith Cuban’s permission on its platform, and also offering a $1,000 prize if the winning designer enters via crowdSpring.
Mashable logo
  • Mark Cuban Crowdsources New Mavericks Uniforms
  • Sam Laird | 14-May-13 GMT
  • Entrepreneurial hero and NBA team owner Mark Cuban is no stranger to skipping the so-called "normal" way of doing things. The world got one more example of Cuban's unique approach to business and sports team ownership on Tuesday afternoon. He used his personal blog to announce that his Dallas Mavericks plan to give their game uniforms a makeover for the 2015-2016 NBA season — but there's a catch.
  • The Roar of the Crowd
  • Mike Samson and Ross Kimbarovsky | 20-Mar-13 GMT
  • Crowdsourcing has long been a tactic marketers have used to engage customers. From running competitions in which the company runs winning ads to hosting online communities focused on product development, many marketers have found this approach compelling and cost effective.
  • Why You Need to Redefine Failure
  • Sheryl Nance-Nash | 11-Mar-13 GMT
  • Mike Samson, co-founder of CrowdSpring, an online marketplace for creative services, offers his company’s story as an example. CrowdSpring built and launched a website, but it couldn’t fully scale its operations as traffic and registration increased. The site was slow and sometimes crashed. People were frustrated.
  • Land of the freelancers, home of the brave: How to find your next freelance gig online
  • Jenny An | 27-Feb-13 GMT
  • Taking crowd-sourcing to the design and branding realms, this is a great site if you’re looking to build a design portfolio … not so much if you want to make money. Designs are submitted to each proposal and while payment for the design winner is guaranteed (and sometimes the runners-up get prizes too), with more than 100 entries on average for each project, competition is stiff.
  • Brainstorming without the frustration
  • Mike Samson | 22-Feb-13 GMT
  • Part three of a three part series. Clients want creative, innovative ideas that challenge the norm, and while we can always develop ways to connect with target audiences, few PR professionals have meaningfully pushed the limits. The result? A real disconnect on what works versus what we would like to work, or what we think will work.
  • Is crowdsourcing a threat or opportunity for PR agencies?
  • Mike Samson | 20-Feb-13 GMT
  • Second of a three part series. In addition, the traditional way of doing PR and advertising is eroding. ROI and measurement are taking center stage, and there is a disconnect between what we believe will work and what actually does work.
  • Keeping an eye on the crowd
  • Mike Samson | 18-Feb-13 GMT
  • First of a three part series. Havas CEO David Jones said, "When an industry goes through a revolution, you can do one of two things: sit and watch it happen or embrace the exciting new business models at the forefront of that revolution." Will your firm embrace the crowdsourcing revolution? Or will you cling to the traditional PR agency model?
  • Money on the Mind: Small Biz Financial Stories of the Week
  • Meredith Wood | 15-Feb-13 GMT
  • crowdSPRING presents an inspiring take on small businesses reacting to Obamacare. Although firmly supporting the need to keep up with their finances in the process, they suggest the idea that reducing their workforce or “gaming the system” isn’t the answer.
  • Growing Your Creative Ideas with crowdSPRING
  • Liza Corbo | 4-Jan-13 GMT
  • crowdSPRING is actually an ideal spot for “mompreneurs” looking for branding – logos, website designs, letterhead, newsletter template, etc… but it doesn’t just stop there. Even mom’s looking to put together an original, one-of-a-kind custom designed birthday, holiday, special event invitation or even a giveaway can do so with crowdSPRING!
  • Crowdsourcing creative jobs draws praise, fire
  • Karen Epper Hoffman | 8-Dec-12 GMT
  • Listing the job with CrowdSPRING in November 2011, she ended up getting more than 500 designs in less than two weeks, which led her to post a second project in apparel designs this year that is ongoing.
  • How to hire and manage the best remote team
  • Mixergy | 6-Dec-12 GMT
  • Ross Kimbarovsky spent weeks trying to recruit an engineer. He talked to local engineer associations, read countless resumes, and conducted a lot of interviews. Finally, he narrowed it down to the top candidate and offered her the job. Exciting! Three weeks later, he fired her.
New York Times
  • This Week In Small Business
  • Gene Marks | 5-Nov-12 GMT
  • A Crowdspring blogger explains how to slice and dice your customer service data.
AmEx Open Forum
  • 9 Rules for Serving the Difficult Customer
  • Mike Samson | 2-Nov-12 GMT
  • Every business owner knows of at least one challenging customer for whom we hold the phone ten inches away from our ear. And who of us hasn’t received an ALL CAPS e-mail with expressive punctuation!!?? The real cost of dealing with these irate customers can be significant in terms of capacity, stress and dollars.
  • A Startup's First Hires: What To Look For
  • Frank Gruber and Jen Consalvo | 1-Nov-12 GMT
  • When hiring, Ross Kimbarvosky of Chicago-based crowdSPRING often looks for communication cues to help find the best early employees, "People who ask 'why' questions (rather than 'what' questions) tend to show a greater degree of interest, a more creative potential, and typically reflect employees who don't need to hear themselves talk all the time."
  • Business Frugality Is Back
  • Forbes | 29-Oct-12 GMT
  • Remember the days during the Internet bubble of 1999 when an entrepreneur could write a business plan and just moments later a venture capitalist investors would give them a $1M to launch the business (or at least the press made it seem that way)! Inversely, now more than a decade later, entrepreneurs now brag about how little money it can take to launch their business. When it comes to starting a company, frugality has become the new black.
  • 3 Ways Traditional Media Sales Reps Can Use Social Media to Boost Media Space Sales Read
  • Debbie Horovitch | 22-Oct-12 GMT
  • I think it’s a greatly underused opportunity for traditional media salespeople to spend more time with their prospects, and ultimately sell much more media space, by developing a more trusting, professional relationship with their small business and retail prospects, by not only selling traditional media space, but also augmenting the value of the sale with social media suggestions and knowledge.
  • 4 Startups That Can Help You Tackle Your Small-Business Problems
  • Entrepreneur | 5-Oct-12 GMT
  • The crowd is hotter than ever in the business world, and crowdSPRING has helped lead the charge. Launched in 2007, this business uses crowdsourcing (outsourcing tasks to a large group of people) to offer companies creative services at an affordable price.
  • 3 Ways to Amplify Small-Business Marketing with Crowdsourcing
  • Susan Gunelius | 17-Aug-12 GMT
  • Believe it or not, crowdsourcing for logo design and other marketing design projects is very common. From the local pizza business in Pennsylvania that used Slogan Slingers for a new slogan tailored to the shop to the U.S. Department of the Interior which used crowdsourcing for a new logo design via Crowdspring, the practice of turning marketing needs over to the crowd is becoming more and more popular.
  • Technology Grows Freelance Economy
  • Dave Maney | 30-Jul-12 GMT
  • Marketplaces like Crowdspring, and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk let companies find resources capable of performing even the most sophisticated tasks on short notice and with tight quality parameters, and eliminate the need for companies to take on additional personnel management and healthcare expenses, accelerating the trend.
Mashable 1
  • 8 Tools to Create an Irresistible Ebook
  • Alexis Grant | 19-Jul-12 GMT
  • Writing and selling informational ebooks can be a great way to boost your brand, provide value to your community, and even make some money.
New York Times
NBC Chicago
  • What Businesses Need to Know about Pinterest
  • Mike Samson | 11-Jul-12 GMT
  • Pinterest is an online bulletin board where users upload or link to photos and videos of anything they find interesting. It's like pinning photos to a corkboard, only you're doing it online – and there are ways you can use this to help further your business' traffic and sales. Here's how.
AmEx Open Forum
  • The Cheap and Easy Guide to Crowdsourcing
  • Mike Samson | 5-Jul-12 GMT
  • In the business world, creating effective branding for your company is one of the biggest challenges business owners have to overcome. It usually sets the tone for everything else in your business. One option many businesses are turning to is an open call for talent via the Internet, commonly known as crowdsourcing.
Chicago Now
  • To Instagram Or Not
  • Mike Samson | 3-Jul-12 GMT
  • Enter Instagram, a popular smartphone camera app that allow users to share photos online. Consumers like Instagram because it includes simple tools called filters, which makes an image sharper, brighter, or crisper, or can add a multiuse of other visual effects; clearly part of its popularity. The final image can be quickly shared with on social media sites and websites.
  • crowdSPRING Wins 2012 American Technology Award
  • Sue Gonzalez | 15-Jun-12 GMT
  • “crowdSPRING’s continued recognition and momentum is a stellar example of the thriving technology ecosystem in Illinois and throughout the US,” said Ed Longanecker, Senior Vice President, TechAmerica. “We congratulate crowdSPRING on their well-deserved recognition and remain committed to supporting the continued growth of our industry.”
  • Federal Crowdsourcing May Solve Problems Fast
  • Justine Brown | 15-Jun-12 GMT
  • The company didn’t start out chasing government projects, but over the last couple of years, it has taken on several. Most recently, crowdSPRING hosted a logo-redesign challenge with the U.S. Department of the Interior. According to Kimbarovsky, the department had a well liked and well recognized logo. But it contained too many colors, so it became very expensive to print.
NBC Chicago
  • CEO Spotlight: crowdSPRING
  • Built in Chicago | 7-Jun-12 GMT
  • The founders of the Chicago company discuss how they've utilized the concept of crowd sourcing into a viable business. [VIDEO]
Software Advice
  • 5 Jobs for the Marketing Team of the Future
  • Ashley Furness | 6-Jun-12 GMT
  • “The idea is to get marketing tactics out there quickly, track results, then continue with ones that work and dump ones that don’t,” says crowdSPRING co-founder Mike Samson. “The idea is to try a bunch of things and learn through constant trial and error.”
NBC Chicago
  • How to Simplify your Marketing with Crowdsourcing
  • Michael Samson, Edited by: David Wolinsky | 31-May-12 GMT
  • Creative crowdsourcing is the act of outsourcing tasks through an open call to a large group or community of designers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, etc. In other words, a crowd. Buyers post their creative projects and name their own price and, in turn, creatives worldwide submit their ideas and the buyer chooses the one they like best.
  • Memorable Start-up Logos: 10 Tips
  • Christina DesMaris | 29-May-12 GMT
  • A logo is the foundation for building your brand. Keep in mind that memorable logos don’t need to describe what your business does. Ever seen a car manufacturer with a picture of a car as its logo? How about a picture of a shoe on a shoe? This logo for electric motorcycle company Brammo is a perfect example of how simplicity can communicate strength. The design came from crowdSPRING, a marketplace where graphic designers submit ideas for projects.
Wired Biz
  • Crowdsourced design is not a risky business
  • Mike Samson | 3-May-12 GMT
  • In an article published on on 12 April, David Airey, a well-established and talented graphic designer, argues that businesses take a huge risk when they use online design marketplaces to source their creative work. Airey implies that design communities like Crowdspring are populated by amateur designers who will sell a client a plagiarised design because it is "faster" to do so. Interesting notion, but the data doesn't bear this out. In just four years Crowdspring creatives have submitted almost 3 million individual designs to projects on the site.
  • Design Makeover: Healthy Pantry Gets a New Look
  • Issie Lapowsky | 1-May-12 GMT
  • Because his own transition to a healthier diet inspired him to start the business, he wanted the logo to scream health. He posted a request for a logo on CrowdSpring, an online marketplace for crowdsourced designs, and paid $400 for this one. "We felt it really spoke to a healthier you," Lauver says. "But, it turns out, most consumers assume healthy food doesn't taste good, so it pigeonholed us."
  • Chicago-based crowdSPRING Powers Free Creative Work For Non-Profits
  • Mark Drepeau | 18-Apr-12 GMT
  • Crowdspring- a for-profit crowdsourcing company for creative work (logo design, website design, etc.) – has an alternative approach to deciding between spending funds on your mission vs. creative marketing and other endeavors. It’s called Give Back, and it’s sure to make a lot of nonprofits very happy.
NBC Chicago
  • Should Your Brand Launch a Film Festival?
  • David Wolinsky | 14-Apr-12 GMT
  • "For many brands and entrepreneurs, stunts typically fall flat, and sometimes can even backfire," says Ross Kimbarovsky, co-founder of Chicago-based crowdsourcing creative marketplace Crowdspring. "But there are smart ways for brands to associate with interesting causes and promotions that reflect their values and complement their marketing."
PC World
  • 9 Ways Google+ Can Help Your Business
  • Jennifer Lonoff Schiff | 21-Feb-12 GMT
  • "Circles are invaluable," state Ross Kimbarovsky and Mike Samson, co-founders of crowdSPRING. "Think of circles as your customer groups. Most businesses will have a variety of different customer groups and sometimes you want to communicate separately with each group," they explain.
PC World
  • How to Start Your Business on the Cheap--With Help From the Crowd
  • Erez Zukerman | 16-Feb-12 GMT
  • Designing a logo or website is not a risk-free process. Typically, you pick a designer whose work you like, explain your vision as best as you can, and hope it will come out right. Here's how to circumvent that process: Try Crowdspring. It's one of several design-centric communities that rely on crowdsourcing to mitigate risk and turn the design process into a competition for your budget.
Fox Small Business
  • Could Your Business Survive Without You?
  • Joanna L. Krotz | 6-Feb-12 GMT
  • Call the pros. You need a professional appraiser to put a price on the company. “It’s a tricky business because there are many ways of determining the value of your business,” says Ross Kimbarovsky, co-founder of crowdSPRING and an intellectual-property lawyer.
  • Fail Your Way To Success
  • Maria Tabaka | 30-Jan-12 GMT
  • "Successful people are successful for many reasons," says Kimbarovsky. "Successful people look at mistakes or failures as opportunities to learn. People who fear failure rarely have such learning opportunities. And very often, even if they do, the fear of failure completely paralyzes them."
Sramana Mitra
  • Outsourcing: Ross Kimbarovsky, Co-Founder of crowdSPRING
  • Sramana Mitra | 30-Jan-12 GMT
  • We’ve covered outsourcing sites before, like Elance and, which are open to all kinds of freelancers, from telemarketers to virtual assistants to graphic designers to bookkeepers. But some, like Chicago-based CrowdSPRING, specialize.
Chicago Tribune
  • Office space: Mike Samson
  • Kristin Samuelson | 14-Nov-11 GMT
  • Co-founder of graphic design marketplace CrowdSpring gives a tour of his office.
Chicago Business
  • Latest 'Trep Life' episode: crowdSPRING
  • Ann Dwyer | 11-Nov-11 GMT
  • The producers of "Trep Life," the Chicago-based series of webcasts exploring the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship, just released the latest episode, featuring Ross Kimbarovsky and Mike Samson of crowdSPRING.
Wired Blog
  • crowdSPRING: The Agency Killer?
  • Douglas Karr | 8-Nov-11 GMT
  • You might think that it’s pretty strange for a guy that’s launching his new online agency to promote an alternative to working with an agency altogether… but that’s what I’m going to do. I’m sure I’ll get some hate mail from my designer friends for posting this. I’m okay with that. I’ll explain why.
Wired Blog
  • How to make crowdsourcing work for your business
  • Andrew Pearce | 4-Nov-11 GMT
  • Crowdsourcing is an incredibly effective way for companies to cut costs as well as generate ideas, and in an age of digital communication, it is also a great way of connecting with customers or advocates.
  • How small biz uses social media (infographic)
  • Laura Locke | 29-Sep-11 GMT
  • Small businesses are becoming savvier about social media. And, increasingly, smaller-scale operations are turning to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social channels for promotions, customer acquisition, and sales leads. An impressive 75 percent of small businesses now have a presence on a social media site.[...] This new data comes from CrowdSpring, a Web design firm that crowdsources all of its projects and that created the splendid new infographic below.
Wired Blog
Advertising Age
  • crowdSPRING Brings Businesses and Artists Together (Without the Awkward Pauses)
  • Dylan McHugh | 3-Aug-11 GMT
  • crowdSPRING is an online marketplace that connects companies to artists for commissioned projects like CD covers, logos, copywriting and more. crowdSPRING was given the Chicago Innovation Award of 2010, was nominated for a Webby in 2009, and won the Stevie Award for New Product or Service of the Year in the 2009 American Business Awards. I had the chance to speak with co-founder Mike Samson at Techweek, where I asked him about crowdSPRING’s famous clients, the future of crowdSPRING, and the weirdest commission he’s ever seen.
Network World
  • crowdSPRING: An answer to open calls for creative talent
  • Annesa Lacey | 1-Aug-11 GMT
  • Creativity is always in demand for businesses both large and small, but it doesn’t have to seem out-of-reach for the beginning start-up. From creating logos to websites to industrial designs, Chicago-based crowdSpring has provided a vast pool of creative talent all kinds of businesses since its launch in 2008.
New York Times
  • Sketching a New Home for the Buffalo
  • John M. Broder | 3-Jun-11 GMT
  • Got a flair for graphic design and a passion for buffalo? The Interior Department has an assignment for you. The department is using to gather entries and will award $1,000 to the creator of the winning design, with $250 going to the second- and third-place finishers. The deadline for entries is June 15.
Wired Blog
  • Twitter sourced charity recipe book asks public to choose illustrations
  • The Drum | 2-Jun-11 GMT
  • The creators of a recipe book made up of 140-character recipes crowdsourced through Twitter is asking the public to choose the illustrations. These recipes will be accompanied by pictures chosen by the public on Facebook following a design project on CrowdSPRING, and will be made into ‘Tweet Pie: The world’s shortest recipe book’.
  • How To Get Your Email Newsletter Noticed
  • Tory Johnson | 20-Apr-11 GMT
  • crowdSPRING co-founder, Ross Kimbarovsky, gives businesses tips in a video interview for improving the effectiveness of their newsletters, from sending it on a Tuesday to keeping subject lines short.
Network World
  • Mike Samson of crowdSPRING talks Crowdsourcing
  • Scott Dolson | 12-Apr-11 GMT
  • I’m featuring interviews this week with founders from companies where I have directly used their products and I’m excited to have had the chance to interview Mike Samson, founder of crowdSPRING. crowdSPRING is a very cool crowdsourcing company that brings designers together with people who have design projects.
Mashable logo
  • 18 Ways to Earn Money From Crowdworking
  • Aliza Sherman | 1-Apr-11 GMT
  • Competition is tough over at Crowdspring where there are 88,000+ creatives vying for about 250 or so open projects at any given time. Awards can range from $100 to $1,000 or more, depending on the specific assignment. Main project categories include print design packages, logo and stationery, logo design, company naming and small websites.
Advertising Age
  • How a Tiny Company Created a Global Marketplace
  • Shel Israel | 15-Mar-11 GMT
  • Chicago-based crowdSPRING is a small business primarily serving other small businesses. It is one of a handful of companies—all new and small--that has disrupted a centuries-old graphics design business. The company has accomplished it quite fast and at low cost.
Wired Blog
  • Crowd funding offers entrepreneurs a shot at financing their dream
  • T. Shawn Taylor | 22-Feb-11 GMT
  • New Equity Business takes an in-depth look into crowd funding and crowdsourcing, providing a list of pros and cons to utilizing these resources. crowdSPRING co-founder, Ross Kimbarovsky, discusses the rise of crowdfunding and the key elements of a successful project in this two- part series.
  • Small Biz 101: Tips, Resources on Crowd Sourcing
  • Tory Johnson | 14-Feb-11 GMT
  • Crowdsourcing. Tiffany Reed owns a graphic and web design business and is always looking for new clients. She benefits from a crowdsourcing site called CrowdSpring, where thousands of projects are posted, along with the price the buyer is willing to pay. Creative freelancers and small business owners like Tiffany submit their work for consideration.
Sramana Mitra
  • The 1M/1M Deal Radar: crowdSPRING
  • Sramana Mitra | 8-Feb-11 GMT
  • Part of crowdSPRING’s goal is to make it easier and more affordable for such businesses to buy creative services. On the crowdSPRING platform, a buyer posts a project and a brief, names his or her price, and creatives submit design ideas. Unlike with some competitors, crowdSPRING requires its members to put up finished designs and not just concepts.
Social Polination
  • How to win more Crowdspring projects
  • Monica O'Brien | 6-Feb-11 GMT
  • If you are a freelancer and you are looking for ways to use Crowdspring as a lead generation tool, below is my experience from the buyer perspective.
Fox Small Business
  • Catapult Your Career in 2011: 4 Steps to Take
  • Dave Logan | 4-Feb-11 GMT
  • The best run tribes that I know plan as a group in 90-day chunks. One tribe created-from scratch-an investment bank in 90 days. Another launched a terrific business,
Desktop Engineering
  • Crowdsourcing Pros and Cons
  • Mark Clarkson | 1-Feb-11 GMT
  • Consider crowdsourcing giant crowdSPRING, which averages approximately 225 open projects at any given time. It boasts a community of more than 75,000 designers, photographers and writers from 185 countries. crowdSPRING started with graphics projects, but has since added photography, writing and, yes, industrial design.
  • The Top 10 Best Ways to Fail as an Entrepreneur
  • Donna Fenn | 31-Jan-11 GMT
  • 6. Over-promise and under-deliver. Shortly after CrowdSpring co-founders Ross Kimbarovsky and Mike Samson launched their global marketplace for creative crowdsourcing in May 2008, the site crashed.
Record Online Herald Tribune
  • Dirks on Strategy: Web sources level field
  • David Dirks | 26-Jan-11 GMT
  • provides access to more than 80,000 creative and industrial designers and writers. If you need a product package designed to your specifications, Crowdspring allows you to set your own price and then choose the final design. It even comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
Small Business Trends
  • Small Business News: Your Social Media Update (Part 2)
  • Small Business News | 23-Dec-10 GMT
  • A simple guide to delivering value. Using social media well is not about advertising or PR so much as it is about creating value, value of high enough quality that it will bring your followers back again and again because of what you have to say and the resources you have to share. In this roundup of favorite Twitter links, Ross Kimbarovsky shows us how to create the kind of value that will keep a dedicated niche following coming back for more…and then some. crowdSpring
  • Top 10 Signals of Positive Momentum for Entrepreneurs in 2010
  • Cathy Belk | 23-Dec-10 GMT
  • 4. Legitimate burn-rate reducers are now mainstream. If entrepreneurs need money like people need food, the web and growing entrepreneurial ecosystem has enabled entrepreneurs to go on a diet without sacrificing their health. Sites such as allow startups to get the quality marketing assets needed (just the basics, but they are the required basics – logos, web design, and copywriting) at a lower cost than ever before.
Fly Over Geeks
  • Chicago’s Top 30 In Tech 2010
  • Edward Domain | 22-Dec-10 GMT
  • 8. crowdSPRING crowdSPRING’s site claims that, “96% of our customers claims crowdSPRING actually works” and it seems that the industry press agrees. Launched as a way for the little guys to compete for business, crowdSPRING puts proposals on an open market where freelancers, solopreneurs and small shops can compete for the business. Co-founders Ross Kimbarovsky and Mike Samson both had successful careers before launching crowdSPRING and show no signs of stopping. crowdSPRING is one of the companies that help put Chicago’s tech community in the public eye outside Chicago and does it in style.
  • crowdSPRING: How To Build A Marketplace From Scratch – with Ross Kimbarovsky
  • Andrew Warner | 17-Dec-10 GMT
  • Over 17,000 paid projects have been listed up on crowdSPRING’s online marketplace for creative services since the site launched in 2008. I invited Ross Kimbarovsky, the company’s co-founder, to tell me how he launched because marketplaces are notoriously hard businesses to start. Marketplace-based businesses force a fledgling startup to pursue two constituents at once. In this case, Ross had to get both customers and creatives to join crowdSPRING or the site would be useless. Find out how he did it in this case study of a successful marketplace launch.
  • Freelance Websites Help Small Business Find Affordable Help
  • Elizabeth Blackwell | 6-Dec-10 GMT
  • works in a similar way, but allows for more confidentiality. (The current website of the powerful Ways and Means Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives was designed as a CrowdSPRING project.) The company charges a listing fee of $39-$199, plus a 15% commission on the price you pay for the project. The more you pay, the more privacy settings you can activate, so competitors won't know what you're up to.
The Globe and Mail
  • Need a logo? Tap global design network
  • Mark Evans | 22-Nov-10 GMT
  • In early 2008, CrowdSpring launched a private beta, before going public in May, 2008. Since then, the company has attracted 75,000 designers and writers from 185 countries, and 20,000 registered buyers, including many multinationals. In addition to logos, CrowdSpring can be used for web design, industrial design, graphic design and writing assignments.
  • Best Places To Sell And Buy Designs Online
  • Pranshu | 17-Nov-10 GMT
  • Well is perhaps the best option available for every one whether he is a designer or a buyer. Crowdspring .com offers services for both designers and buyers of designs. The site is very professionally designed and arranged you can once signed-in you can choose the projects from your choice. The site hosts a variety of projects from logo designing, website making,ad-banners, book writing, to even character designing for animation movies. Recently a project offered $11000 (yes that eleven thousand us dollars) for a website design. This site is best suited if you want to be compete at professional level, the designs submitted here are really of some standard.
  • Can crowdsourcing reconnect with the crowd?
  • Barry Neild | 12-Nov-10 GMT
  • These include Crowdspring, a design venture which, according to Chicagoan co-founder Ross Kimbarovsky, thrives by offering a level playing field on which talented but unknown creatives can compete with established rivals.
Business Info Guide
  • # Entrepreneur Interview: Ross Kimbarovsky and Mike Samson, crowdSPRING
  • Sue | 11-Nov-10 GMT
  • What does your company do? crowdSPRING is a leading online marketplace for buyers and sellers of creative services. crowdSPRING offers logo design, web design, other types of graphic design, industrial design and writing services (such as company names) at an affordable price. On an average crowdSPRING project, a buyer will receive more than 110 concepts.
Fast Company
  • The Coolest Products From the 2010 Chicago Innovation Awards
  • Rachel Arndt | 9-Nov-10 GMT
  • Crowdspring connects companies looking for creative work with web designers, artists, marketers, and writers who can fill their needs. The company, which launched in 2007, now touts 75,000 members, and bills itself as the “world’s largest marketplace for creative services.”
Wayne Liew Dot Com
  • Mike Samson, Co-Founder of crowdSPRING on Community Building and NO!SPEC Campaign
  • Wayne Liew | 8-Nov-10 GMT
  • If you missed the first part of my interview with Mike Samson, co-founder of crowdSPRING, where he talks about how crowdSPRING successfully raised $3 million in angel funding and shares some important tips that every entrepreneur will find useful down the road, click on the link below to get started.
Wayne Liew Dot Com
Desktop Engineering
  • Contest to Design for Philips Electronics Announced
  • DE Editors | 8-Oct-10 GMT
  • crowdSPRING, an online marketplace for crowdsourced designs and writing, recently launched a new design project from Royal Philips Electronics to encourage entrepreneurs, designers and inventors to come up with the most innovative ironing steam generator of the future.
Built in Chicago
  • Philips Brand Picks Up Steam
  • Sheila Shayon | 5-Oct-10 GMT
  • hilips is crowdsourcing ironing. Specifically, the electronics brand has teamed up with crowdSPRING and issued a call for a new steam generator iron. The deadline is October 13th to submit ideas. The creative brief: “Philips is looking for break-through designs which are advanced, distinctive, easy to experience and designed around people’s needs. It must be a true winner in the stores/ shelves. Please remember we are not looking for a ‘re-Design’ of the existing products(s), the awards will be granted to concepts showing a great deal of creativity: which are innovative but also feasible. Your entry should consist of designs for a new ‘iron’ accompanied by the ‘base’.”
INC Technology
  • Put Crowdsourcing to Work for You
  • Kim Boatman | 28-Sep-10 GMT
  • When Heather Whaling needed a logo for her public relations company, she turned to crowdSPRING, an online marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of creative services such as graphic design, Web design and writing.
  • Freelance Nation
  • Kate Lister | 1-Sep-10 GMT
  • "An overwhelming 90 percent of U.S. companies outsource at least some of their work, according to a survey by the Human Capital Institute, a global association of talent management groups."
  • CrowdSpring Brings Crowdsourcing to Design, Writing
  • Mark Glaser | 20-Aug-10 GMT
  • If you run any kind of business, large or small, you're always looking for ways to get quality work done at a low cost. And when it comes to contract jobs like web and logo design, or copywriting, you're caught balancing between quality and cost. A couple years ago, CrowdSpring launched as a way for small and medium-sized businesses to get those projects done at a set price from multiple people around the world. Each project is a contest, and the buyer gets to pick the winning creative work -- meaning everyone else just created something for nothing.
Wall Street Journal
  • In Shaky Economy, More White-Collar Workers Moonlighting
  • Sue Shellenbarger | 17-Aug-10 GMT
  • "Rapid growth of job postings on freelance Web sites for highly skilled workers, including, and, is fueling the [moonlighting] trend. Others start businesses on the side."
Wall Street Journal
  • A Guide to Online Marketing Tools
  • Shara Tibken | 16-Aug-10 GMT
  • Crowdsourcing websites such as crowdSpring LLC allow you to post what sort of work you want done—such as having a new logo designed—and how much you're willing to pay. The designers on the site—who number more than 67,000—can submit entries for the project, and from there you simply pick your favorite.
Fast Company
  • New Scientist Brainsources Its Latest Cover, While Guy Kawasaki Crowdsources His
  • Addy Dugdale | 9-Aug-10 GMT
  • And, while former Apple staffer Kawasaki's decision to crowdsource his latest book cover is throwing the task open to the floor, Crowdspring's MO (it is the middle man between client and craftsman) the final decision on the artwork will be made by Kawasaki himself--because that's what they probably teach you at the Apple School of Business.
Society of Typographic Arts
  • crowdSPRING: The Conversation
  • Admin | 30-Jul-10 GMT
  • By offering clients the ability to judge a designer’s work solely by its relevance to a client’s needs, rather than by the designer’s pedigree, crowdSPRING levels the playing field.
  • Marketing Strategy: Why Logo and Web Design Matter
  • Jennifer L. Schiff | 27-Jul-10 GMT
  • “By working with crowdSPRING, I was able to generate more than 200 logo and branding proposals,” said Zafarnia. “If you tried to do that offline, it would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. But by doing it this way, I only spent a small fraction of that. And I love the logo and the brand we came up with.”
On The Media
  • The Crowdsourcing Dilemma
  • Bob Garfield | 9-Jul-10 GMT
  • When I wrote my most recent book about the chaos created by the digital revolution, I, of course, needed a cover. In the spirit of my subject matter, I crowdsourced the project through an online site called More than a hundred designers from around the world took on the project, and the winner got 500 dollars, plus the glory of illustrating The Chaos Scenario.
AU Interactive
  • CrowdSPRING Review: Making Art Affordable via Globalization
  • | 19-Jun-10 GMT
  • CrowdSPRING advertises itself as a one-stop-shop for virtually every kind of graphic design and/or content need that clients might need. The question become: can crowdSPRING deliver, or is it simply another overhyped company? To answer that question a fairly as possible, it would help to take a look at how crowdSPRING works from the perspective of a client.
  • LG Mobile Phones Announces Winners of 3rd Annual Design the Future Competition
  • Press Release | 1-Jun-10 GMT
  • By partnering with crowdSPRING, more than 400 designs were submitted during the six-week competition in a battle for more than $80,000 in awards. LG awarded $20,000 plus a Wacom Intuos4 medium tablet to the first place winner, $10,000 to second place, and $5,000 to third place. Each of the top three winners will also receive professional design and sketching software from sponsor Autodesk, Inc. LG also presented 37 honorable mentions with $1,000 each!
Connect Communications
  • Brands' Mass Appeal
  • Brian Morrissey | 31-May-10 GMT
  • Those at crowdsourcing companies disagree, of course. Crowdspring has 63,000 graphic and visual designers on its platform, with clients frequently using it to get logos completed. CEO Ross Kimbarovsky said he doesn't shy away from the spec-work charge.
  • Anatomy of a Successful Email Marketing Newsletter (crowdSPRING)
  • Chris Pomeroy | 14-May-10 GMT
  • 99% of email newsletters sent by technology service providers are lame, yet a recent newsletter I received from crowdSRING (online market for creative work like web design, logos, branding, etc. had me not only open it, but I actually read the whole thing.
  • Lessons In Brand And Social Media Storytelling
  • Michael Margolis | 4-May-10 GMT
  • The founders of crowdSPRING didn’t waste time trying to tell the world how special they are, or trying to convince people to use their service. Instead, they developed a brand story and content that spoke to the larger realities and pressures of small business owners.
  • Startup crowdSPRING Scaled Support Right Alongside Their Business
  • Mikkel Svane | 7-Apr-10 GMT
  • Right from the start, crowdSPRING's founder Mike Samson recognized the need for timely and accurate responses to support requests. In the world of web startups, he explains, customer service and support is not something you think about after you've built up your customer base, it's how you build up your customer base.
Read Write Start
  • crowdSPRING Adds Writing Jobs to Its Creative Services Marketplace
  • Chris Cameron | 4-Mar-10 GMT
  • As of Wednesday, the popular service opened up their designer's club to include copywriters. Now clients looking to crowdsource text for any use can log onto crowdSPRING, set up a contest for users to submit their work to, set a reward price, and watch the entries roll in.
  • Special Segment: Join the Crowd
  • Cheryl Burton | 1-Mar-10 GMT
  • When the economy tanked, Rowe's suburban design business dried up. But soon she found the Web site where companies post projects so anyone can submit design ideas. A company picked the second design Rowe entered for their logo.
  • The In Crowd
  • Brett Chase | 9-Feb-10 GMT
  • What the company, crowdSPRING LLC, is attempting to do is akin to creating an eBay for creative work. The firm bills itself as an online marketplace for graphic and industrial designs. When Barilla needed a new pasta shape and LG needed a phone design, they went to crowdSPRING. And the company has helped hundreds of small businesses buy professional designs, in many cases for hundreds instead of thousands of dollars.
Wisconsin State Journal
  • Madison Children's Museum unveils new logo
  • Samara Kalk Derby | 8-Feb-10 GMT
  • The logo competition cost the museum nothing and was conducted last July through the Web site Milanie Cleere, CEO and founder of and Oompa Toys, which has a store in Middleton, suggested the museum conduct the public competition and donated the $1,000 prize money for the winner.
The Marketing Spot
  • What a Logo Does
  • Jay Ehret | 8-Feb-10 GMT
  • While the importance of a logo in brand-building is overblown, there is another aspect of logos that is often overlooked: the effect it has on the business. I've just completed my ninth logo facilitation using crowdSPRING and am starting another logo project this week. Without a single exception, the completion of each logo project energized the business.
Chicago Business
  • Joffrey contest to design invitation draws criticism from graphic artists
  • Rita Pynillis | 1-Feb-10 GMT
  • The Joffrey posted its proposal on, where 49,000 registered users can vie for the work. "Small, mid-sized business did not have easy access to high-quality design and designers, and we see ourselves as a bridge to those gaps," says Mike Samson, co-founder of Chicago-based CrowdSpring.
Smart Marketing
  • Book: Crowdsourcing Websites
  • Larry Weintraub | 31-Jan-10 GMT
  • I love this topic: Crowdsourcing. I'm a believer and I put my money where my mouth is. When we re-branded Fanscape with a new logo and a new website about a year ago, we used a website called to design our logo.
  • Small Businesses Eye Obama Initiatives
  • John Yang | 27-Jan-10 GMT
  • Samson's co-founder of a year-old high-tech start up with 13 employees. A tax credit could mean he would hire more sooner rather than later.
The Marketing Spot
  • Best Online Tools For Small Business Marketing
  • Jay Ehret | 21-Jan-10 GMT
  • crowdSPRING: An amazing resource for small business logos. I have now down 7 client logos using crowdSPRING and am working on two more. You can get a good logo for as little as $200. Check out my guide to using crowdSPRING to get a good logo.
  • Letting The Crowd Make The Lost Paddle Logo
  • | 18-Jan-10 GMT
  • If you haven’t heard of, it’s definitely worth a peak. It’s a website that connects customers who want say, a new logo, with graphic designers willing to give it a shot.
Practical Ecommerce
  • 9 Crowdsourcing Ideas to Grow Your Online Business
  • Darpan Munjal | 13-Jan-10 GMT
  • Once you have chosen a good name for your venture, you need to start building the user experience and brand identity. Whether it is logo or site design, consider crowdSPRING to engage a community of professionals from across the web to deliver quality designs.
Read Write Start
  • crowdSPRING: Creative Solutions Platform or 'Spec Work' Enabler?
  • Chris Cameron | 7-Jan-10 GMT
  • In most cases, the company in need will look over a selection of designers, review portfolios, and pick one to come up with a design. But why only choose to employ the abilities of one designer when you can crowdsource the project and pick from an unlimited number of submissions from a vast community of designers? The controversial but still successful crowdSPRING does just that.
Convince & Convert
  • The World Really is Flat – Crowd Sourced Design Rules
  • Jay Baer | 5-Jan-10 GMT
  • is the online matchmaker for small and medium business, and a global community of 47,000+ independent designers in 150 countries. It’s a head-slapping concept that’s pure genius in its simplicity
Chicago Business
Global Grind
Simply Zesty
  • Using social media to find a job
  • Lauren Fisher | 29-Dec-09 GMT
  • While you’re on the job hunt, if you’re looking to earn money in the meantime, you could take part in crowd-sourced projects. Popular sites such as 99designs allow designers (budding or actual) to submit designs for free, for people that are looking to commission projects. If your designs don’t get picked, then you’re still building your profile and experience in the meantime and your pro-activeness will reflect well on your CV. Crowdspring is another good site for designers.
All Things Metal Clay
  • Ten Branding Methods: Butterflies and Rainbows Optional
  • Barbara Rozgonyi | 29-Dec-09 GMT
  • While you may be a fashion plate, your business doesn’t have to be. Are your customers conservative? Then go with a strong, yet neutral image. If you’re confused about your look, your prospects will pick up on that. Interview a few graphic designers and don’t think about cost – at least at first. Investing thousands in an image pays off as your look becomes well-known. Or, you can outsource your image project to a company like CrowdSpring who has 45,000 designers ready to work on your project.
John Winsor
Innovation Factory
  • Open Innovation at crowdSPRING
  • Jurjan Huisman | 23-Dec-09 GMT
  • For one of those projects, Green at Work (in which I participate), a logo needed to be designed. It was done through Crowdspring, a crowd-sourcing platform. Even the seemingly simple process of having a logo designed by a crowd has many aspects of open innovation to it. I would like to share the experience with you and place it in the context of idea management.
The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
  • VIDEO: Measuing your ROI
  • Mike Michalowicz | 23-Dec-09 GMT
  • Struggling to figure out the return you get from conferences and trade booths? In this On A Roll video, Mike Michalowicz, shares his technique for measuring return on investment for conferences and trade shows as a response to Mike Samson and Ross Kimbarovsky from crowdSPRING.
  • All the Ways for Teens to Make Money
  • Mr. Money | 14-Dec-09 GMT
  • If you are skilled at what you do, you can even charge hundreds of dollars for your services. In this market, if you are good, you get really rewarding compensation, if you are not so good, not so great compensation. It is one or the other. If you consider this to be your type of “work,” feel free to join CrowdSpring and 99 Designs to find web designing, logo designing, opportunities.
Kelly Smith Marketing
  • Crowdsourcing: The Ultimate Design By Committee
  • Kelly Smith Marketing | 14-Dec-09 GMT
  • This discusses crowdsourcing from an advertising point of view and shows that certain websites like and offer advertising, marketing and design ideas via the crowdsourcing method where, in one example, a network of more than 11,500 creative people from more than 125 countries contributes their designs. A request for a simple logo generated over 1200 submissions.
Herald Online
  • ‘Branding' yourself could be boon to career
  • Jason Foster | 13-Dec-09 GMT
  • Ross Kimbarovsky, co-founder of crowdSPRING, an online marketplace for creative services, advises that people find a niche that's interesting to them and find a way to provide value to someone else interested in the same topic. Be engaging and share useful information.
Magnificent Publications
  • The Value of Thank-You Notes
  • Wiep Knol | 4-Dec-09 GMT
  • Just recently, I used crowdSPRING’s creative community for designing the logo of a new project website... It’s a simple email, thanking me for the business we did, asking for feedback, and mentioning that spreading the word (for example a blog post) would be appreciated. It’s a short, honest and to-the-point email, and this short blog post proves that it works.
Sprouter Blog
  • Sprouter talks… to crowdSPRING
  • Erin Bury | 30-Nov-09 GMT
  • It can be a challenge at a small company to find affordable high-quality creative – whether for a website, print materials, or overall branding. Chicago-based startup crowdSPRING was started to solve this problem – to help people from around the world access creative talent, and to help creatives from across the globe find new customers.
What They Think
  • Look to 2010—Because You Really Have No Choice
  • Richard Romano | 20-Nov-09 GMT
  • At the same time, sites such as, a type of graphic design auction house where people in the market for graphic design work post the specs of a job and how much they are willing to pay, are not without their controversy.
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  • crowdSPRING Helps You Find Creative Talent
  • Kristen Nicole | 17-Mar-08 GMT
  • crowdSPRING is an upcoming startup that aims to provide a transparent process for obtaining creative talent, with a strong emphasis on quality content and trusted freelancers that companies can work with.
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