White Label Presentation Tool

Presentations allows agencies to share designs with clients and offer a better user experience compared to long email strings.

Our presentation tool offers:

  • Unlimited white label presentation websites with custom URLs
  • Password protected galleries
  • Your custom branding on each presentation
crowdspring presentations

Presentations improve the client feedback process

Typically, clients have to provide feedback in an email. But this isn’t ideal - it’s difficult for the client to describe both the image and their specific feedback. And it takes longer for you to decipher what the client means.

With presentations, clients can leave feedback directly on an image. This simplifies the feedback process and reduces confusion, frustration, and delays.

crowdspring presentations improve feedback

Presentations help your agency look professional

Many agencies like to share dozens of concepts with clients. But this leads to clients digging through email attachments. And it can create a chaotic user experience.

Presentations allow the client to see dozens of options professionally laid out instead of buried in email attachments. It’s a single source of truth where clients, designers, and creative directors can easily view the same information - making your agency look like rockstars.

crowdspring presentations improve how your agency is seen by clients

Grow your agency with beautiful design.

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Presentations save you many hours of time

If you’re running an agency, you don’t want to waste time copying, renaming and uploading dozens of designs to an email or PDF. And, forget about the amount of time you spend trading emails to collect comments...

Presentations allows you to select which designs in the crowdspring gallery you want to share, write a message to the client, and send the custom-branded presentation site to your client. This takes minutes, not hours.

Then, clients can easily provide star ratings and feedback on the relevant designs to streamline the conversation. It’s a win for everyone.

use as a springboard, ideation or even to add to existing work.

For a relatively low cost I can have resources at my disposal that I may never have found were it not for crowdspring. As an agency we could use this as a springboard, ideation or even to add to existing work, The possibilities themselves are just beginning with this global market and talent that are there and is ready.

agency Chris Miller DraftFCB testimonial photo
Chris Miller
SVP, Group Managing Director, DraftFCB
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How to create a presentation

1.Prepare to share.

  • From within your active crowdspring project, select 'Presentations' in the top menu bar
  • Write a quick message to the client about the feedback you need
  • Add your brand colors, logo, and select a custom subdomain for your URL


"Great experience again. Client pleased."
Chris S. Triple Gate Advisors
Chris S. testimonial, photo

2.Select your entries

  • Pick up to 12 entries to share with clients
  • Add/remove any image you want
  • You have full control over what your client sees


"Really easy to use. At first I was nervous no one would want to take on our project, but once those designs started rolling in it was really exciting for our team to get so many options to choose from."
Keira S. NICU Parent Network
Testimonial photo, Keira S.

3.Get feedback

  • Add your client's email and let them know about the presentation site
  • Each white label presentation mini-site is password protected and custom branded for your agency - not crowdspring
  • Clients can vote and leave feedback right on each design

FAQs for step 3

"This is my fifth project with crowdspring. I love having so many professionals work on my design, so I have tons of great quality products to choose from. Highly recommend!"
Angela Prusia Bellevue, NE
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