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    Presentation by Purpletouch

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Starts:31-May-12 11:26 p.m. GMT

Ends:15-Jun-12 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $500, was awarded to Purplet...


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Creative brief

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What is the title or subject of your presentation?

A-Bee Investor Pitch - is a new company presentation being made to potential investors.

What do you do?

I am a seasoned entrepreneur pitching a new business venture to potential venture capital investors.

Do you need a design for slide template(s) only or a full presentation?

I mostly need a design template for the presentation -- however, I am also asking for the content on the included 12 PowerPoint slides to be put INTO the template as part of the project. There are two graphical elements in the presentation -- those found on slides 6 and 8. A re-worked graphic for slide 6 is critical to the project. A reworked graphic for slide 8 is desired but not critical.

How many slides do you need designed?

The winning entry will include the content from all 12 of the attached slides, but a separate design for each slide is not necessarily required. That will be at the discretion of the designer.

What is your industry?

My industry is social media.

Describe the target audience for your presentation.

My audience is venture capital and angel investors.

What 3 things do you want to communicate to your audience through your presentation?

1. People love and need to tell stories.
2. Enabling people to tell stories TOGETHER (i.e., in collaboration with each other) is fun, engaging & very powerful.
3. There is a large market opportunity for the company's unique technology.

How do you intend to use this presentation (print, live, web, etc.)?

1. Live, 2. printed hard copy, 3. sent via email (e.g., .pdf file) & 4. (possibly) via web (e.g., Vimeo),

What specific information must be included in the design?

The content in the attached template. The presentation must have an effective form in PRINT, as well as live presentation.

What character, tenor or spirit does your presentation need to communicate?


What colors do you want to see in your presentation?

I don't care. We will be using the logo included, which has a bright yellow/gold background, but other than that it is up to the discretion of the designer.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your presentation?


What presentation designs do you like?


Do you want to include additional info?

The final presentation will be done in PowerPoint (or similar presentation format), and will have additional content added to it within the template provided. If delivered in PowerPoint format, the file should be readable by older versions of PowerPoint (i.e., PowerPoint 2000) if at all possible. I have access to PowerPoint 2000 and Photoshop CS2 but not later versions.

Brief updates

By st2112 on 6-Jun-12 3:49 a.m. GMT
Acceptable submissions may include only the PowerPoint design TEMPLATE. Re-working the two graphics and/or formatting the text charts into the template may be considered desirable, but optional.
By st2112 on 8-Jun-12 8:05 p.m. GMT
To be clear, this is a re-design of an EXISTING PowerPoint presentation (which is attached). Let me know if you need anything else. Thank you!
By st2112 on 8-Jun-12 8:06 p.m. GMT
Adding time due to increased Award amount.
By st2112 on 14-Jun-12 3:25 p.m. GMT
I have just uploaded the FULL presentation -- which adds 5 new content slides, and provides the proper order for the final presentation. Final submissions incorporating ALL slides into your proposed design template will be preferred. Many thanks.