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Starts: 23-May-12 3:06 a.m. GMT

Ends: 9-Jun-12 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $3000, was awarded to dot360

Award 2: $3000, was awarded to AngeliQ

Award 3: $1000, was awarded to renovung

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This project is going to help separate us from our competition. I have found a unique value proposition through years of study of financial markets. Simply it is better to lose less because it takes less to recover as you will see in the slides. losing 20% takes 25% to recover and losing 90% takes 900 to recover. The worst scenario for the stock market is an 89% loss. No one knows it or they gloss over it, because as they state, everyone lost money in the last crash. We have proven that to be untrue. I love pictures and graphics that evoke emotions that can help move people from whre they are with their current long term relationship, to us because we have a significantly better strategy. We wkae up every day making sure our clients don't lose 30 to 40 years of work in two or three years. That is possible and other advisors don't protect agaist this on the stock side of portfolios. I would like the winner to depict 100% graphically, in three dimensionally, and show how losing up to 90% leaves you with a small fragment of the whole and how you then need 9 more of those small pieces to recover.
Repetitive material can be left out if presented properly and in a logical order. First the presentation must diagnose the problems we are seeing. Second it must show the worst that can happen in the stock market, then it must show people are over weight 50% to 80% normally in the area with the biggest problem potential. Summarize our process. Briefly list how or why what we said not only makes sense. Sum up what we told them. Finish with a request or move toward us. and a prompt for Questions.

Update 24-May-12 GMT
The two three thousand dollar prizes are for designing the 25-35 slides I need. 1st and second place.

I need the final output in ppt and keynote, or a file that easily transfers to keynote.

I am sure I will like many designs and am sure selection will be difficult.
Update 26-May-12 GMT
If you can not see the keynote presentation you will mis out on some of the info.
So it's important to be able to see that one.
The graph showing what it takes to recover stock market loss.
This will help its a link to the graph.
Update 26-May-12 GMT
Let's do ALL slides.
They are in materials provided.
Then I will judge finished presentations.
And I will then constructively comment.
Judging only 3 or 6 of the necessary materials is onerous and in efficient.
Update 27-May-12 GMT
Ppt or keynote presentations can be emailed to
Update 29-May-12 GMT
My group made a discovery. We are one of the ONLY Financial Advisory practices in the country that tells people to get out of the market early and come back in later. I can't stress enough the importance of somehow showing prospective clients how dangerous losing money is.

In the graph gain needed to offset stock market loss the brown rectangel is to be see through, you may not be able to see it properly it covers the whole graph -90% to positive 900%. The truncate square covers from 0 to the -20% to positive 25% area. this depiction shows what type of loss we are stiving for in stressed conditions, vs what is possible in worst case scenarios. I am sorry that doesn't come through on the power point.

This is one of the most important pieces. I'll try to upload a ppt that you can see of this one for those of you that have it differently.
Update 31-May-12 GMT
Everyone should see this.

The last is the most important. that is a webinar on making great slides that speak to the decision making part of the brain, the reprilian brain. you can see some of this implemented in my stuff but you guys can make this great. I may extend the date to give each of you more time to listen to the webinar and implement what you see to your designs.
Update 1-Jun-12 GMT
If you have graphics send to my dropbox CFG or my email
I know its not visible here but important.
Update 2-Jun-12 GMT

Everyone should see this.

The last link is most important. It's webinar on making great slides that speak to the decision making part of the brain, the reptilian brain. you can see some of this implemented in my stuff but you guys will make this great. I will extend the date to give each of you more time to listen to the webinar and implement what you see to your designs
Update 2-Jun-12 GMT
Very Important!

The webinar is Session 2:

Radically alter your slides to avoid Death by Powerpoint!

WATCH NOW! Originally presented DECEMBER 16th 2011

Update 2-Jun-12 GMT
Good 3 things example from
simple yet powerful. Now posted under materials.

In the materials i provided
file 2 and file 5
show slides based upon the webinar I'd like you to watch. They are both good examples.

I'm sure all of you can do as well or better than what I provided.

I'm getting very excited about this!!!
Update 2-Jun-12 GMT
I want all of you to read the brief and go to the webinar about slides. It's going to make this project perfect. Many Thanks!
Update 5-Jun-12 GMT
I need full presentations on here so i can have panel judge them.