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Business Info

Who are you?

The Charmm'd Foundation provides leadership resources and training opportunities at little to no cost to help community leaders of tax-exempt organizations in Beach Park, Glencoe, Kenilworth, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Northfield, Winnetka, Winthrop Harbor and Zion, Illinois.

A list of services provided include: peer advisory groups, matching grants, speakers, leadership workshops, networking, mentoring, executive coaching and 100% of our resources on are website www.charmmdfoundation.org are free.

What is your industry?

Education and Universities

What do you need?

We are interested in having a creative freelance writer rewrite the attached case study for us on adult bullying from a third party perspective. We have the original case study from the individual who experienced adult bullying. We would like to share this case study and have the freelance writer rewrite this same same story from a third person perspective in a way that will captivate our readers.

Our goal is to take both pieces written on the same subject to a focus group and ask the focus group to share which style they prefer. This will help us to identify the writing style to use moving forward in future case studies we will be creating.

Who Is Your Audience?

Tax-exempt executive leaders in the following sectors: education, municipalities, nonprofits, religious. Leaders include: superintendents, principals, administrators, executive directors, directors, village presidents, township supervisors/managers, police and fire chiefs, etc.


We Like These Examples


We are interested in creating a case study. We like a variety of article styles from individuals sharing captivating experiences and articles written in the Harvard Business Review format. A key piece for us is having a case study written that tells a captivating story. Within the story there is a lesson to be learned. The lesson learned is called out at the end of the story in a "How To piece" that details out the step-by-step process to do something.

If you consider the book Good To Great and scale it down to a case study format, we like the bold headings that call out the "key topic areas" within the chapter. At the end of the chapter, there is a chapter summary...for us, this would be the "How To".

We Absolutely Must Have

The piece must be timeless. A piece that is picked up 15 years from now and the principals still apply. No fad language or trending topics that will be outdated.
1 page case study.
There must be a lesson in leadership.
Pull quotes, sub-headings and getting the readers attention quick is essential.
We want to know who or what the story is about, a background of the individual or subject matter, how it has evolved over time, the lessons learned and why we should care.
We want the writer to tug at the readers heart strings reeling them into the story and showing them how the lessons learned could be taken and used to impact their own lives.
A How To section at the end of the article detailing out the steps to implement the lesson learned.
We are a nonprofit that provides training and thus teachable moments and lessons learned to practice are very important to us.



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