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A three slide presentation that would introduce a media buyer at an ad agency to the place based media business. place based media are screens in places...elevators, office lobbies, airports, bars, fast food restaurants, horse tracks, clothing and sporting good stores, electronic stores, in taxis, in gas stations, in shopping malls, health clubs, etc. this is VERY different that ads in bus shelters and on billboards.

The key difference is the screens in places (thus place based media) play (whether video or via flash) a combination of programming/content and advertising. this combination engages the consumer more than just advertising alone.

The presentation should capture in 3 slides, the three basic components of what makes this industry attractive to a media buyer, while at the same time, in graphic imagery showing either a variety of screens themselves or the look and feel of multiple screens.

The three components of this industry that make would make it attractive to a media buyer at an agency include:

1. Audience -- The size of the medium's audience, the demographic profile, how many screens you have, the penetration of your network, what is the dwell time (how long to people spend watching the screen)

2. Environment -- how are people experiencing the venue, and your screen, what makes them notice and keep watching the screen.

3. Content -- what type of programming is running on your network and why. what is the ratio of your content to advertising, what is the best way for a client to use your network -- reach, frequency, etc.

The actual sub-bullets in the 3 points can be left black, but it should be presented as a template, that one could fill out, and at the same time capture some of the wording and feel of the subject matter.

This is essentially a media sales presentation in 3 slides