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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are challenged to present a 167 year-old British brand in a fresh, modern way to appeal to media planners and clients. Our marketplace positioning centers around the quality of our content and the quality of our audience. While we have experienced circulation growth over the past several years, the growth story is no longer our primary message to the market. Our brand positioning is more about who reads us and why:

What do you need?

The Economist sales team needs a General Presentation (GP), for use on routine print and online sales calls. It must also serve as the skeleton for category presentations (finance, auto, pharma, etc). The story and design must be on-brand. It must explain who we are (a global media brand dedicated to leading the debate in the pursuit of progress, oras our mission statement proclaims: promoting the severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress), what we do (we reach influentials with the forward-looking editorial content they crave), and how we do it (smartly and with wit; in print, online, sponsored-research, events).

The GP must also convey how partnering with The Economist Group will help marketers solve their problems by reaching this highly-desirable, highly-engaged and highly-influential audience.

The design must visually represent our brand and must be easily transferable to other documents, such as proposal templates for RFP responses (typically horizontal ppt slides) and one-sheeters (vertical ppt slides). The look will be used to unify all current and future sales collateral.

What are we selling?

Brand halo effect
A connection to our influential and highly-engaged audience of ideas people/C-suite
One-stop shopping for custom-tailored integrated solutions designed to address the clients marketing goals and resonate with our readers

What do we want to accomplish?

We want clients/media planners to place ads in The Economist magazine/website
We want to convince clients/media planners that we understand our valuable audience of ideas people/C-suite influentials better than any other media company
We want to convince clients/media planners that we are the best partner with whom to design integrated programs that leverage and engage this target audience

With whom to we want to connect?

Media planners at agencies
Client-side media decision-makers

Why would they like the product?

Association with our brand integrity/premium product; there is a certain je ne se quoi about The Economist that results in a twinkle of the eye when our readers interact with our content
Target audience delivery: our audience self-selects to be part of something that delivers ideas, inspiration, and intelligence with a wit and charm that they can appreciate
Turn-key solutions

Why would they like us?

We solve their marketing problems by delivering results
We make them look smart
We provide them with ideas/solutions that help them stand out within their company and in the marketplace

What should we keep in mind about the audience that will receive this presentation?

They are time-crunched
They have short attention spans
They are looking to maximize value and reduce costs
They are looking to impress their boss/client and by making smart/safe decisions about media/marketing spend
They may or may not be familiar with The Economist brand
They may or may not have mis-conceptions about what the brand represents (i.e. a stodgy, boring finance journal rather than a forward-looking, globally-minded, ideas-based media brand)
They may or may not think our audience is composed of old, white men (not young, diverse intellectually curious minds)

Who Is Your Audience?

Economist readers are intellectually curious and globally-minded. They recognize that they live in a fast-changing world and they want to better grasp whats happening around them. They thrive on knowledge, experience and stimulation and crave free-thinking and the freedom of ideas. They love the reward that comes from discovering new things and having been challenged by interesting thoughts and perspectives. They live and work in a knowledge economy where ideas drive value and where their professional and social lives are improved by having a better and more thoughtful view of the world.


We Like These Examples

ads.economist.com is a good resource for people to visit for additional background on how we position ourselves to advertisers. and of course, economist.com and the magazine itself is a great source for learning about our content.

We Absolutely Must Have

Our tone must be in keeping with the brand:

Intellectually curious
Non-US centric
More interested in the why than the what


The deliverable must be designed in power point and therefore editable
It must convey the story w/ high-impact visuals
It must feel Economist (i.e. if you cover the logo, youd still know it was The Economist)
The file must be able to send/share via e-mail
It must keep in mind the characteristics of the audience we are presenting to



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