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Creative Brief

With our first crowdSPRING project we designed a great logo!

We now need a master Power Point template that will be used for presentations to investors, partners, team members and clients.

About SourcingZoom:

Sourcing is the process of sourcing products or services. In its simplest form it can be thought of as procurement but in its more sophisticated form it involves setting sourcing strategy, deciding whether to build solutions in-house or to source externally from a third party and implementing the sourcing strategy which can involve a Request For Proposal (RFP) process, vendor evaluation and contract negotiations. When it involves transferring an existing service (i.e. internal computer operations) to a third party and buying service under a multi-year contract it is referred to as Outsourcing.

SourcingZoom will be a web portal that will support the sourcing process.

Target audience:

The target audience for the business will consist of sourcing executives either working on the buy-side (within companies looking to source/Outsource) or working on the supply-side (consultants and vendors). These executives will be from small to medium size firms and will include project manages, managers and senior managers etc.

SourcingZoom Keywords / Themes:

Professional, qualified, trustworthy, credible, a valuable resource, cost-effective, reliable, easy-to-use.


The logo portrays SourcingZoom as a modern, professional firm. Likewise, the Power Point template will need to communicate the same. The design must fit the business sector of SourcingZoom, that of professional services. It must be clean and easy to read not distracting the reader from the content. It must also be modern and fresh looking to communicate that SourcingZoom is a new model business addressing an emerging market need. The design however must portray that of a mature firm and one of some size and instill professionalism and confidence. It must not be loud and garish and it must not seem to be trying too hard. Simple wins over flashy!

Submitted designs must integrate with the logo design, fonts and colors. Additional colors must complement the logo colors. The icon in the logo looks like glass. I dont know if it is possible to carry this into the Power Point design but it would be cool if it worked. Details and files are provided.

The design must work well on the screen and for print outs in black and white as well as color. It must also be respectful of ink needs when printed.

The font used must work well with the logo font (details provided) but be available as a standard Microsoft Office font (if you think I have this or anything else wrong in this brief please challenge us).

Required Template Layout:

We require four slides, with brand consistency between each (they should look different but clearly be part of an integrated deck), as part of the master template set.

1. A front cover with text space for presentation title and sub title, presenter name or author, date and a page number holder (running through the deck).

2. Content slides must include a text space for a title, consistent with each content slide, and a text space for a tag line/message. Content slides must allow text, graphics, tables etc. to be included without distraction from the design the content must never be overshadowed by the template design.

3. A divider slide to insert between sections within the material. A text space must be included to introduce the following section of the material.

4. A final slide to be used as a back cover to include the logo and a text space for the web site address.


Logo Fonts are VAG Rounded LT and BT. The Power Point fonts should be available as part of Microsoft Office but they should work with the VAG fonts (dont use handwriting style fonts).

The RGB colors in the logo are: a6ff2c / 60a402 / 76c607

The font colors are: 808080 / 333333



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