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OVAB is a non for profit trade assocation for digital and video place based advertising networks. We promote our membership to the advertising and marketing community at large. visit www.ovab.org for our full site (which might need an overhaul, but that's a different project).

here are some basic definitions to know:

place-based video/digital networks: companies that operate screens that display programming and advertising inside public venues (like shopping malls, taxi cabs, retail stores, elevators, etc.) with the purpose of entertaining and informing that venue's visitors.

gross venue traffic: the total number of people visiting a venue

present in the zone: the number of people close to the networks' screens (this will be a fraction of the gross venue traffic)

notice: the number of people who are looking at the network's screens (this will be a fraction of the present in the zone)

dwell time: the average amount of time people are present in the zone (this is expressed as a unit of time)

Ad rotation duration: the number of ads displaying on the networks screens.

Audience: the number of people in the zone, who notice the screens (This is the final, important concept...the idea is that the "audience" is smaller but more valuable than the first one listed "gross venue traffic".)

We need a slide(s) to show this progression/relationship very cleanly and simply. It could include animation, but would need to allow to be printed without losing the concept of the animation. It needs to be a size that can be easily emailed and used for WebEx presentations.

As for colors, etc. that is open to the designer's choice at this point.

What absolutely CANNOT be in the design: huge files...it's very important this is as "electronically portable" as possible.

And last, we do have a pretty tight time frame, but hopefully it's a pretty clear project.



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