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Let me tell you about us.

RxRN Solutions, Inc. offers INTENSE Camp, an innovative nursing reality camp designed to academically and socially prepare pre-nursing students for entry into the complex academic environment of nursing school. The 50 hour INTENSE curriculum is offered through a live virtual classroom environment using video streaming and VOIP technology. Content specialists use teaching strategies such as case study and small group discussions that enhance the development of critical thinking skills.

RxRN Solutions, Inc. also offers their Bridges to America program that mitigates challenges experienced by internationally educated nurses seeking employment in the U.S. Bridges to America faculty are subject specialists and use interactive teaching techniques when presenting content via live video streaming and VOIP technology. The Bridges to America program is presented internationally. All courses are taught in English.

Here is what we need:

We need a PowerPoint template for our start-up company. Please consider that the PPT will be used for presentations and for printed handouts. It should be professional without being busy. We do not want it distracting for the viewers. We would like the slide master to be able to interface with any slide layout found in Microsoft PowerPoint. If thats not possible then the submission should contain a title slide and a content slide that has the capacity to accommodate single text box with bullets, two column text boxes with bullets, chart/graph, picture and/or object. The colors used in the logo are: PMS 485 Red and 100% Black, PMS 2975 Blue and PMS 354 Green. We need a design with a dark background for presentations and a white background for printed materials.

Our target audience is:

Nursing students are all ages, genders, and demographics so this PowerPoint should be identifiable to a mature audience. The business may expand across borders so we want something that will appeal to international students as well.

We like these designs:

We are open to your creativity!

Our design absolutely must have:

RxRN Solutions, Inc. logo included. The globe is OPTIONAL and could be used as a watermark. The logo colors are: PMS 485 Red and 100% Black; The globe: PMS 2975 Blue and PMS 354 Green and 100% Black. The PowerPoint Template in Slide Master must contain a title slide and a content slide. We want something easy to use which does not require formatting (example: Slide title should appear consistent in regards to spacing and font on every slide). We need appropriate bullets and numbering for content slides. Also, the slide presentation should be easy to read on a computer screen as most courses will be available online.

Things we dont like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc.

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