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About Your Company

We make exclusive jeans, your custom pair can be customised on an app (size, color, cuts, tears, wrinkles, etc ...), our target audiance is female college students.
Please see: https://vimeo.com/user91250624/review/29... to understand the business concept we need to deliver.


How presentation will be used

The presentation will be delivered in person, on a projected screen.



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I created a sample presentation as a first draft 1 year back, and then a video was made to illustrate the concept. Now we are going to present the presentation to a big group of businessmen and venture capitalist, so it has to be extremly impressive. Please see presentation slide and video.

Top 3 Things

- 20 slides
- Very visual with lots of pictures

Presentation sequence:

Should start with the conditions today (the problem / sad condition)
Moves to an ideal world (what if)
Present the solution (the solution / happy condition)

- A lot of visuals, more Graphs, very few text (just statements)

- Market / Potential / Target Segement
- Proof of Concept
- Financials / Revenue stream and investments
- Business Canvas
- Timeline
- Marketing
- The team

BUT KEY is the first 3, 4 slides WHAT IS OUR PRODUCT, OUR SOLUTION. Just some of the things our App ticks:

- Customized finished jeans (key trend personalisation / customisation)
- Fun design app (community, sharing, consumer to consumer)
- Overnight delivery / next day delivery (speed, “made to order on mass scale)
- Affordable (on demand customisation on mass scale)
- Sustainable/eco-friendly (organic cotton, recycled material, zero discharge, sustainable production technologies).


Attractive, impressive images, tells the story from a problem, to an ideal world, and presents our solution.

Additional Info

Please deliver in Indesign or illustrator or some format I can use to edit if needed.



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