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I need a logo designed, and a PowerPoint template that incorporates that logo on each slide.

The project is a small business consulting group, and the target audience includes potential customers who are evaluating our services as well as actual customers receiving deliverables at the conclusion of an project.

Our group and marketing proposition is edgy and hip -- this is not meant to be IBM or KPMG or whoever. The design should be clean and elegant, with attitude.

Our key value proposition is that we understand culture and personality, so our conclusions will be less removed from reality than those of big companies who sanitize and professional-ize everything to the point where there's a disconnect with the real world.

With that in mind, our brand is The Merlot Six. It has an intentionally edgy/infamous feel, and we're looking to express that in the logo design and PowerPoint template.

In keeping with the name and the likelihood that slides will be reproduced in black and white, the design should be primarily black and white, with the word "Merlot" in a dark enough red that it will copy on old-school xerox machines.

The main idea we'd like to pursue is something like a silhouette of a 1920's or 1930's car, potentially with gangster(s) on the running boards, potentially with tommy guns. That's vague, and departures from those parameters are OK, but a design that realizes that general idea will win.

The business name, "The Merlot Six", should integrate with the graphic to some degree (we don't want the name over on the left of each slide, the graphic on the right, for instance)

Of course, the logo here needs to be small enough to appear in a corner of each PowerPoint slide, so if the gangsters/guns add too much detail and make the design a mess when small, simplification and loss of detail is better than a complicated "what the hell is that?"

The font for "The Merlot Six" should be formal and clean; we will likely adopt that font minus the graphic for some purposes. So even though we're going infamous/edgy, no wacky decorative fonts. The formality of the font should contrast with the retro/gangster-y feel of the graphic.



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