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What is the title or subject of your presentation?

On The Spot Doc - Investor Presentation

What do you do?

Online Physician Visits via a PC or mobile application

Do you need a design for slide template(s) only or a full presentation?

Only need slide design templates. I will prepare the content of the presentation. I am looking for 5 slightly different slides with the same overall template, but with subtle differences for each topic.

We need the cover slide with the logo, then the first set of slides will be the about us slide, second set of slides will be about the healthcare market, the third set of slides will be how my company solves issues with healthcare, being cost, time with my own charts/graphics, etc.; the fourth set of slides with be our financial investment summaries.

I need one main template but with slight variations for each topic within the presentation.

How many slides do you need designed?

I would like 5 different slide designs for transition from "market conditions" to "application differences" to "financial projections" to "application functionality". Would like an eye catching title slide as well.

Please note this is for the template of the power point so please build the borders/designs all using our colors and logo

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Software and InfoTech

Describe the target audience for your presentation.


What 3 things do you want to communicate to your audience through your presentation?

Size of the market, product differentiator, industry knowledge, and the future of medicine.

How do you intend to use this presentation (print, live, web, etc.)?

print, live, and web

Style and Details

What specific information must be included in the design?

colors and logo must be worked into the design. I have attached a jpeg of the logo and website for reference. I want something that "pops" but not too much that it takes away from the content.

What character, tenor or spirit does your presentation need to communicate?

Future of medicine, high technology, and cost savings in the medical industry.

What colors do you want to see in your presentation?

Blue and white. Please see the attached documents to match colors.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your presentation?

Orange or red.

Do you want to include additional info?

I will take care of the content.



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