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Mitas Electronics helps companies deliver very high quality data signals at high speed transmission rates (>>1 Gbps) for applications that include video displays inntegrated into products designed for use accross multiple market segments.

We specialize in building commercially viable, miniature high speed cable assemblies that deliver the highest quality signal integrity available.

Our top target market segments are medical equipment, rougedized notebooks, high-end computing and display related markets. The key buyer personas are engineers between 23 and 55 years of age working and technology companies who are responsible for new product development of products that include high quality/resolution displays or that require very high quality, fast data transmission between system components.

We help customers design the smallest and best performing miniature cable assembly connections for their applications. We do this by sharing our many years of industry knowledge and experience to help them design for cost, manufacturability and commercial viability.

We also help our customers lower their total product development and lifecycle costs by offering complete value chain service management. We do this by supporting flexible demand with low order quantities, as few as one, for development and end of life while providing full supply chain management of mass production requirements on behalf of our clients.

In addition, to being first to respond and first to deliver for our customers we ensure the easiest sourcing and procurement path possible by serving as a single point for multi-sourcing their interconnect needs. We become that one stop shop so they don't need to manage a complex and proliferating approved vendor list of many suppliers.

Our top clients include Dell Inc., Intel, Apple, Sony, Panasonic, Qualcomm, nVidia, Rockwell Collins, Fuji Film Sonosite, SpaceX and many others.


How presentation will be used

The main purpose is to drive brand awerness. We will either email this to prospects on demand or present in person during sales engagements given the opportunity.



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Top 3 Things

1) A bold professional image
2) Confidence
3) Conviction


A winning prensentation communicates through visual images and graphics that capture the messages and meanings of what the company stands for: 1) A fierce and confident "Can Do Spirit", 2) A strong conviction and dedication to "Urgency" to meet our customers needs and 3) A relentless pursuit of "Perfection".

Additional Info

At Mitas Electronics we believe in the Extrodinary Power of Ordinary People to make the world better! Because of this we are driven to unleash the best in each employees potential and we hold them accountable for our customers satisfaction.

We do not put profitability before quality and believe that perfection is the lowest possbile path the satisfied customers and maximum profitability. We are not concerned with what our competitors are doing, instead we are obsessed with being better that we were in our last project and last customer engagement.

To deliver our message we will need PDF and Powerpoint formated documents. All graphics will need to be the highest resolutions PNG or JPEG file formats.



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