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About us:

Synovate is a global market research company. One of our exciting projects is a concept for ongoing consumer trends studies in various categories/ topics. SOON is the name of this concept, and we have several "sub projects" under the SOON umbrella: SOON Media (young people's new media habits), SOON Well (health and wellbeing), SOON Retail (well, retail), SOON Eat (fastfood, restaurant, convenience), SOON Home (house, home and interiors) and SOON Lifestyle (fashion and design). More may be launched. The target group for our reports and presentations are marketing professionals with our clients companies. We'd like the design template to be fresh (reflecting the dynamic topic of consumer trends and future opportunity) but still needs to have a certain corporate quality. Our clients often see lots of boring corporate slide presentations, so anything to help this project stand out in that crowd is appreciated, as this is a more creative and dynamic type of topic and research project.

What we need:

A Power Point template design with a colour template to use for presentations and reports for the SOON project. Please use attached logos: SOON project logo (main logo for this template) and the Synovate logo (less prominent, more discreetly placed).

It should be a common overall design for all the SOON "sub projects". But there needs to be some sort of (relatively subtle) identification for each of them (such as a color, design element, name/word or symbol that may be changed/ added by us, and which will separate one sub project from the other). We need a template design executed with four PPT template slides:

1. A front page/ title page

2. A chapter/ section title page

3. A main content page (needs plenty of available room, as we often have info rich slides with graphics, diarams etc)

4. A "creative" page: Use your imagination to make a template page that leaves room for some text and/ or images, but which looks a bit more...well, creative and different (while still part of the overall look and feel of course).

Please indicate how you suggest we identify each of the sub projects in the SOON concept (you do not have to make actual executions for each of the sub projects) by indicating which part or element of the template can be changed.

We also need the appropriate colour template (either you add it to the PPT template, or provide us with the colour codes). Colour template should be based on attached logos (base: orange, red, yellow), with other colours added if you like.

The design MUST include:

- The attached SOON logo

- The attached Synovate logo (less prominently placed that the SOON logo)

- Plenty of room for graphics/ content on the main content slide

We use PC/Windows operating system for your information.

Good luck.



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