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I deliver keynote presentations at conferences with business leaders interested in Customer Experience in the audience.


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I will use the deck as background visualization for the keynote I deliver at a conference.



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The deck I uploaded already has the three slides I need:

1. A formal "strategy house" showing the elements of a customer experience framework: culture and strategy as foundation, organization and governance as support, both carrying the CX and EX. Within the customer experience program (within the house) you collect the opinion of customers and employees and react to both following the data-to-insight-to-action principle.)
2. A photo of a palace and a ruin allowing me to ask "what does your CX program look like - palace or ruin?"
A combination of the ruin with elements of the strategy house appearing one by one, allowing me to tell the story of all the pitfalls from the respective elements that can "ruin" your CX program.

Top 3 Things

1. Elements of a customer experience program (the framework)
2. The fact that some programs are great (palace), other fail (ruin).
3. Educate about the pitfalls that "ruin" the program, allowing the audience to learn and avoid those pitfalls.


1. slight to moderate upgrade of the visuals on slide 1. I am 80% happy with the strategy house. Can it look more professional. This is the formal element, it should not be photo or casual, but rather an graphic demonstrating the elements in context.

2. upgrade of the stock photography if you like. if you do, then please provice source of the photos if your project wins. You can use watermarked layout versions and leave purchase of stock photos to me.

3. Significant upgrade of the visualization on slide 3 - this looks to homegrown now. The ruin icons serve the purpose of me saying what can go wrong. The animation/ build of the slide is needed to follow my story telling. The lines in the Data-Insight-Action cycle are broken, showing that the transition from each phase to the next can be interrupted if not set-up right.

Additional Info

The story line from strategy house to either palace or ruin is a given. I need help in visualizing this in a professional manner that looks more like graphical design than like my mediocre PowerPoint skills :)

I will need all graphic elements (house, palace photo, ruin photo, elements building in the ruin photo) as individual files, so that I can reuse the content in white papers or elsewhere.

I will need the strategy house on slide one to be made-up of individual elements (culture, strategy, organization etc.), so that I can also let it build using animations if needed.



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