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What is the title or subject of your presentation?

No title needed

What do you do?

Solveta is an information provider. We deliver concentrated knowledge about markets, customers, competitors, technology etc. as a base for decisions and actions to our clients.

Do you need a design for slide template(s) only or a full presentation?

A template for 10 slides, see additional info.

How many slides do you need designed?

A template for 10 slides, see additional info.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Information Business

Describe the target audience for your presentation.

- The management of Fortune 500 companies
- The employees of these companies
- Everybody

What 3 things do you want to communicate to your audience through your presentation?

The design of the presentation has to be of the highest quality to communicate the high quality of the content. Compare this with Apple: The quality of their design represents the quality of the product.

How do you intend to use this presentation (print, live, web, etc.)?

1. A compelling animated film made out of the presentation (with voice over) which could be used eg. on Youtube
2. Keynote/Powerpoint presentation (similar to the film) which can be used in presentation (1to1 and big audience)
3. A big jpg/png file combined out of slides as a big graphic
See additional info, then the use will be clearer (hopefully ;-)

Style and Details

What specific information must be included in the design?

No information, as it is the template only.

What character, tenor or spirit does your presentation need to communicate?

The content is king, so the design is only the background, where the content (professional designed info graphics) will be shown on.

What colors do you want to see in your presentation?

- Company Colors: HKS 41k 100% (CMYK 100,70,10,50), HKS 41k 45% (CMYK 45,31,4,22), if needed other shades of HKS 41k
- White, black, shades of grey

What colors do you NOT want to see in your presentation?

All other colors

What presentation designs do you like?

simple, elegant, unique, innovative

Do you want to include additional info?

Now the real challenge comes.

What we have in mind is a film made out of powerpoint slides (or keynote slides). Imagine a very big canvas where all the information is printed on. Then you zoom in on the information with a camera and pan with the camera from information piece to information piece. The basic canvas would be made of 2 by 5 slides (see canvas.jpg). These slides would be used in powerpoint or keynote. On the slides we would show information, graphics etc. See panning.pptx (look at it in presentation mode!) for corresponding slides. Finally there would be a movie made out of the slides (see panning.mov or panning.mp4). The three uses of the presentation described above are exactly like this: A big graphic put together out of the charts (like canvas.jpg but much bigger, of course). The powerpoint presentation to show (see panning.pptx) and the film made out of it (panning.mov/mp4). Each slide has to be in format 16:9 with a resolution of 1920x1080, so that the film will be in Full-HD. The resulting graphic would then be 3840x5400 pixels big.

Some ideas to make this "panning" feeling happen (just as ideas, be creative and find other ways!):
- Some kind of pattern in the background (see Pattern.pptx in presentation mode)
- A very big background image with is tiled for the slides (see BigCanvas.pptx in presentation mode)
- Forms or figures which span on more than one slide (see figure.pptx in presentation mode)
- Some kind of "line" as the connecting element (as in the panning.pptx)
Please, these are only examples, it is just to show some ideas, we do not like these examples from a design point of view! And we do not want to have this awful pattern or photos as a background... The sample slides show the principle, but of course this is not a beautiful, stunning, elegant and unique design. That is what we expect from you!

Some additional thoughts:
- As the big canvas would be printed it would be good it the reader of this picture has some idea in which order he has to read it. The line helps to give a reading direction, but there might be other possibilities as well
- Other than in the panning.pptx there must be enough place left on the slides for the information, so for example the line cannot be in the middle of the slide.
- It would be great if the principle of your design is so flexible, that the presentation could be extended to 12, 14 or more slides (so 2x6, 2x7,...) This is not a must.
- For the colors mentioned above: The whole presentation background can be one color (eg. the dark blue HKS41k which looks quite elegant) but it can be different colors as well (as seen eg. in panning.pptx).

We do not expect the full 10 slides as a showcase in the Contest, just show us how you would do it, what your idea is, the final artwork can be done by the winner(s) after the contest.

This contest is not guaranteed as this is a special requirement and we have no chance to foresee how many and how good entries we will get.But we guarantee that we are an earnest buyer and if there are one or more ideas which can be used we will pay. Promised.

If you have any questions, comments, hints or additional requirements please do not hesitate to contact us. We promise, that we will answer every question and give every entry a fast feedback, within 12 hours max, normally much faster.

And now: Surprise and excite us with your great designs!



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