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We're Recruiting Toolbox, Inc, a consulting and training company that helps companies get better at recruiting. We're not headhunters or recruiters. We partner with HR and recruiting leaders to help teach their recruiters and hiring managers how to find, recruit, interview, select, and hire the people they need. All of our training is custom made for our clients, very practical and real world (loaded with "tools" and templates/guides). Learn more at www.recruitingtoolbox.com


We need a custom powerpoint template that looks high end, but maintains a practical look (i.e. not over-designed). Our existing logo and website have a more masculine look and feel, which is ok. But we don't want a bunch of wrenches and tools - people already get that from our logo. Instead, we want to incorporate images of people (diverse people, not too formal - only 1 person with suit and tie - most with business casual).

1) We need a cover/title page with several people - nothing too posed (don't want 8 people sitting at a table all looking into the camera). Needs to be room for the training title, for our logo and our client's logo, the date, and copyright information.

2) We need a main inner page, with header that's similar to title page and plenty of room for a text heading, page number and copyright at bottom. Main area should be set up for color-matching bullets (we like square bullets over round) and text.

3) We need another inner page that's split 1/3 left and 2/3 right (a vertical line down the 1/3 point, creating a left and right side of the page?) for quotes or big callout on the left, main content on the right.

4) We need another inner page that's like # 2 above, but with a color-matching, framed photo of a person from the title page (preferably a younger woman) that's movable on the page (i.e. it could be in the center, or in a corner). I'd like to be able to add my own photo to this frame, too, to mix it up.

5) We need a section break page - something to break up training sections. It can be a takeoff of the main title page, with an image and a centered text box (to say something like "Section 3: How to XYZ")

6) Finally, we need a powerpoint handout template with a header and footer that complements your design. Our handouts are vertical, 8-1/2 x 11, with 2 framed slides per page, and logo, copyright, and page number on the bottom.

For our training, most inner pages tend to look like bulleted lists of text with maybe a supporting image on the right, tables with color matching row headers, process/flow charts with little icons and arrows, quotes on the left (like #3 above) with bulleted text on the right, and pages with nothing more than a Microsoft Word doc image (i.e. a picture of an interviewing guide) or an excel document (i.e. picture of a recruiting forecast spreadsheet).

Must be appropriate quality and resolution for live presentation (via lcd projector) and print. Not sure if we can have a solid color dark background (light is ok), as text and images may not reproduce well with some printers.

Colors: We like the reds, blues, and grays highlighted on our website and in our logo (www.recruitingtoolbox.com). But we're open to other complementary colors. We're even open to the same template with 2 different colors - maybe one red version, one blue version. Ideally, we like colors that are flexible, like blue, that can work with all types of corporate logos pretty well.


Training attendees: senior level corporate recruiters, HR managers, hiring managers, interviewers, business executives. Over 1/3 of our business comes from high tech companies.


Well, we like our maroon logo color. And generally like really clean design. Nothing flowery or over designed - prefer simple over complex. Generally, we're drawn more to box shapes than circles, 90 degree angles over a lot of curvy-ness.

We need to be able to put a lot of content on one slide, so don't want designs that use up too much real estate on the main inner pages (i.e. don't want too much forced indentation or unusual margins).

We like the calibri, garamond, and cambria fonts - open to others, but those are pretty easy to use and usually convert with PDF without problems. Not a fan of italicized or cursive texts.


No stick figures. Want real people photos. Want our corporate colors (maroon) included somehow, even if it's just in the color of the header text.



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