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Full of Ideas - Submitted more than 20 entries in a single contest!

Active Squad - Participated in at least 10 contests!
Squadhelp Rising Star - Won the first contest at Squadhelp
Squadhelp Conqueror - Won more than 5 contests at Squadhelp.
Squadhelp Idol - Won at least $500 in award fees.

Communicator - Consistently provides feedback and asks questions.

High Quality Contestant - Consistently received high quality ratings from contest holders. Squadhelp Idol II - Won at east $1000 in award fees.
Squadhelp Idol III - Won at least $1500 in award fees.
Squadhelp Conqueror II - Won more than 10 contests at Squadhelp

Squadhelp Conqueror III - Won more than 15 contests at Squadhelp.

Bonus Receipt - Received bonuses from the contest holders for her unique work.

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