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This image summarizes my creative process. Hear the client's request. Think hard, think creatively, think like the target audience, think like the client, think like a random non-target stranger. Look for hidden messages, from all sides; look for potential trip-ups. Then dig some more. My background in research helps a whole lot. :) The graphic includes a photograph of a canvas I created for my 9 year old, a snapshot of my desk during the final manuscript stage of a book I recently completed for a former NBA baller, a shot of me w/ headphones and a wrist brace (see previous), a torn piece from one of my bazillion notebooks, a stack of dictionaries and assorted thesauruses, my guitar and piano, my diploma, the ship my ancestors took to freedom, and some sideways looks at the many faces I make when I think. You might have to look a little closer to see all that, but it's there. And then there's "deliver"--with no ending punctuation, which is how I hope to continue this crazy ride of creativity. Because an artist's mind is never at rest, and our work is never done.

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