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Anticrisis fridge magnet set

This facetious set was inspired by bleak projections caused with the beginning of the economic crisis.

As it is known, foodstuffs during the crisis sell under coupons. For example, on caviar, «Dom Pérignon» champagne, truffles and «Kremlyovsky» cervelat. :-))

*Some History*

The ration-card distribution system has been introduced in Russian empire first in 1916 and continued in Soviet Russia until 1921. The second time — already in the USSR in 1929 also was repealed in 1935. In six years the system has been retrieved in view with the beginning of the Second World War and was in force until 1947. The last period of existence of rationing system 1983–1993 was also the longest one. Altogether it was twenty seven years.

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