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Yurko law company name and logo

The law company Yurko also compares favourably with the competitors
by means of the ingenious name and absence of blind Femidas and eagle-eyed owls.

The logo is designed in Imperial Russia early XXth printings style, using the then existing specific abbreviation for the «company» word. It is complemented by a laurel wreath tokening of the Roman Empire and the Roman Civil law.

*Some history*

At the turn of the XIX-XX centuries the name of the company depended on the way of the company's organization. I. e. if the enterprise belonged to one person, its name would be the same with the surname of the owner. In case of partnership the firm functioned «under the collective name of all partners» (article 62 of Trade Regulations). But as it was inconvenient to recite all names, they limited them to one or several and added the Co. abbreviation.

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