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Design and manufacture board games for all audiences and age groups. This particular game is a two-player abstract game.



The box needs to be large enough to hold the game board and a bag containing 72 "jewels" (3/4" acrylic pieces). The board is part of the project. It needs to be a tri-fold traditional board (20" long X 14" wide); thus, the box should be 14.5"x7"x2".

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Abstract, Organic, Luxurious, Mature, Playful, Masculine, Minimal, Modern

Game was originally called Beppo. New name reflects theme. Videos explaining basic game and layout; photos of existing game board, box and pieces; photos of new pieces (jewels): https://youtu.be/c_kmsvf3URw and https://youtu.be/uIqXGwJawp0

Top 3 Things

1) The game is fun to play - you're a thief! 2) The game is challenging to master, but easy to learn - there are only two moves. 3) The game is cleverly unique (but not in a bizarre way) - 9 Jewels. One Opponent.


The box cover should show a thief stealing jewels from a board piled with jewels. The jewels and thief need to be portrayed, along with Pilfer! More than just text. Also, I would like the tagline "9 Jewels. 1 Opponent." on the cover.
The sides of the box need to reflect the game and company brand. I included photos from the Beppo box to help with the basics. It would be good to incorporate the snippets from the box sides as well (e.g., Vision. Guile. Skill).
The board needs to contain the 5x5 grid and the diagrams of each jewel shape and color (one set of diagrams for each player). Besides that, I would like to see something imaginative done with the board, including the grid spaces.

Additional Info

The game is a 2-player abstract (along the lines of chess and go) that has been satisfactorily play-tested, but needs an image makeover. The theme is that each player is a thief attempting to steal jewels right from under one another's nose. Hence, the name Pilfer! Box needs to be colorful and appealing, due to immense number of choices available to gamers. Board needs to incorporate the theme while not becoming cluttered/confusing.



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