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About Your Company

For over two decades PureNature has been your competent point of contact for all things concerning allergies, health and a sustainable lifestyle. What started in the living room of our parents’ house and has now developed into a reliable partnership with customers and manufacturers.

From niche provider to green vendor

Our enthusiasm to offer sustainably and eco-friendly produced products is as strong as it was at the outset. The small specialised range for allergy and MCS sufferers has grown into a product world geared towards people with eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyles and now contains more than 4000 products.

Extending continuously a diverse product range

The PureNature Team is always looking for new products which are especially suited to allergy suffers, vegans, environmentally and health conscious people. A strict catalogue of criteria including quality controls, tests for harmful chemicals and intensive product testing by test persons decides if a product will finally be included into our range.

Special service for allergy sufferers

Our catalogue offers allergy sufferers all necessary information for a safe product choice. A complete list of ingredients is just as important as the information whether an item is fragrance free. Since our foundation the Special Tips and information for allergy suffers and those ill due to pollution has been a fixed component because knowledge is the first step in improving one’s quality of life. Lastly the option of filtering product searches according to one’s specific needs makes shopping with us especially comfortable and quick!

Allergy sufferers can enjoy life again

The product variety of PureNature clearly illustrates that healthy choices are not only matters that help to support allergy sufferers in their daily life. It is a new lifestyle and attitude towards life based on the notion of being able to enjoy the little things from day to day and for a healthy life without allergy symptoms!



Liquid Detergent 2 Liter Bottle: wide 120 x high 100 (lower End) 130 (higher End) in mm.
Detergent Can 500g powder: 230 mm wide x 50 mm
Liquid Cleaner 1 Liter Bottle: wide 150 x high 100 mm

Colors to Explore


Preferred Fonts
  • Mono

Playful, Modern, Abstract, Organic, Economical, Mature, Feminine, Minimal

written copy, Logos, photography, Concept paper

Top 3 Things

Natural, Sustainable, Healthy living


Clear and clean organic design, fresh pastel colours, Illustrations are welcome but not a requirement.

Additional Info

The Brand
PureNature Washing- and cleaning detergent

Brand essence
PureNature Washing- and cleaning detergent
Natural. Sustainable. Healthy living.

Particularly natural and ecofriendly, because made of renewable and bio-degradable resources. Recommended for persons with allergies and chemical sensitivity.

The brand PureNature Washing- and cleaning detergent:
Natural. Sustainable. Healthy living.

PureNature is focused on „Natural“ (pure, purity, clarity, simplicity). The simplicity and purity of the product section should be highlighted. No fragrances- and dyes and fewer substances.

The products are made of renewable and natural resources. The ingredient does cause the environment through washing and cleaning less as possible.

Health living:
Pure, not irritating, simple, less ingredients as possible. Best for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin. Washing and cleaning with nature.

Product concept
Cleaning and washing with products from PureNature: You can wash and clean ecological – everything is clean: you protect the environment and don´t affect your health.

Further random points are:
- Choice of less, valuable, active ingredients
- Products washing & cleaning especially good
- Always without fragrances- and dyes
- Especially skin kind for sensitive skin
- Bio-degradable ingredients
- No enzyms, no optical brighteners, no phosphat

Product promise
The products works outstanding with pure and less natural ingredients protect the environment and are free from ingredients which causes skin rush or allergies.

Brand personality
PureNature dissociate oneself from other competitors at the retail market through three random aspects:

The decision for PureNature is always a conscious decision. (Especially developed for people with allergies and environment awareness).

PureNature is always a special and individual experience for the user. It is a product for every day, but it has a touch of individuality, purity and simplicity.

PureNature will be experience as a individual, especially reliable brand. The PureNature main concept….environment, health and allergies are the random decision basics for the purchase.

Target group
Woman purchasing for themselves and their family and take care of their health, avoid fragrances and want to save the environment.

The target group can be limited as followed:
The buyers are
- mostly female
- confident
- critical about commercial statements for „High tech detergent“
- pay attention to ingredients
- have sensitive skin and/or are allergic to fragrances
- want to protect the environment
- age mostly between 35-65 years

What we want to say with the products?
The brand PureNature Washing- and cleaning detergent stands for clear and holistic thinking: the harmony, body and soul are one with our nature

It becomes believable, because every product from PureNature is chosen consciously and contains valuable active ingredients and renounces everything unnecessary like fragrances- and dyes. Every product responds to essential needs of the user.

Following characteristics (USP) should be highlighted:
- conscientious brand for people and environment
- high valued, washing- and cleaning active ingredients
- free of fragrances- and dyes
- suitable for allergy sufferer
- with real and honest added value for the environment, the users and their health

Requirements on the Layout
A new brand face must be created, which puts the item group washing- and cleaning to one unity together with above mentioned requirements and CI thougts: Natural. Sustainable. Health living.
The CI includes Color, Font, Backrounds as well the integration of the Logo and the Slogan.

The Brand family includes:
Laundry detergent: liquid detergent, powder detergent, stain removal salt, cotton shampoo. Cleaning supplies: Wiener Chalk, floor care emulsion, soft soap, floor cleaner, furniture polish, beeswax emulsion, Lavaspül rinse aid.

In the basic design all washing- and cleaning supplies should be covered. Especially the elements brand logo with company name, Slogan, Colours and product name should be uniformed on the label.

There can be made a gradation to washing- and cleaning in the layout. For example color, font or the backround.

To product packaging should be considered. These are of cylindrical to slim and wide, low to high, handle bottles, cans, etc.
Pictures of the bottles and cans are attached.

The graphic has to be created in 4-colors. In the front you can see in German language, on the back side is a text in a second language available.

Some legal logos must be created:
Warning notes, content, washing temperature, number of washing loads,
Ingredients, etc. Most Logos will be delivered. These will be placed mostly on the front.

Top Product and Bestseller is the PureNature Liquid washing detergent.
Special slogan: Pure. Ecological. Fragrance-free.



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