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We are creating a company of chocolate sculptures in three dimensions. The company's approach is to create art in form of chocolate sculptures, for individual sale and custom order for activities or weddings. Our inspiration for chocolate sculptures come from designs of flowers, human shapes or abstract figures. We use concepts of beauty that we find in human forms, in nature and in abstract forms for ours creations. Our product is aimed at the most demanding customers, therefore our product denotes the best quality and the best aesthetic presentation, been luxurious and impeccable. Ours creations are luxurious products, for that reason we are looking a clean beautiful packaging that represents luxury, quality and art (sculpture). We are looking a packaging design capable of communicate to the public that our company specializes in creating high end, luxurious, artistic sculptures with chocolate. Most of our customers will be females and we are looking for softer, delicate and fine colors.The selection of colors and the packaging design must communicate the idea of ​​a delicate, luxurious and appetizing product. (the name of the company is: Latier). Very important, the logo design must communicates to the public that our product and service is superior in quality to the average chocolate product in the market. Our product represent a combination of art, luxury, exclusiveness and quality in a chocolate sculpture.



Aprox 12 to 16 inch tall and 8 inch wide

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Organic, Abstract, Youthful, Serious, Feminine, Luxurious, Minimal, Modern

The name: Latier

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luxury, clean, delicate


A luxurious packaging in which the chocolate sculpture is in the center of the packaging and you can see the product in front and behind without having to open the package.

Additional Info

Please refer to the attached image. Our product will be chocolate sculptures in three dimensions. therefore we want a package in which the product that is inside can be appreciated. The design of the packaging should be based on the idea presented in the attached photo, in which the product is embedded in a packaging that allows its visualization in front and behind. It should be noted that the design of the packaging should not be a simple rectangular box like the one in the photo, we are looking for a simple, luxurious, beautiful design that highlights the chocolate sculpture that will be in the center of the packaging. In the center inside the packaging, there must be a transparent thin stick that goes from the top to the bottom of the package. This stick must be able to fit and disengage from the box. The reason for this stick inside the box is that during the elaboration of the chocolate sculptures the stick will be inserted into the chocolate sculture while the chocolate is in a liquid state. Then, when the chocolate hardens around the stick, the sculture with the stick will be inserted inside the package. In this way, we will be able to grip and support the chocolate sculpture inside the packaging, and it will give the illusion that the chocolate sculpture is floating inside the box.



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