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Business Info

Business Name

Chef David

What do you do?

chef, inventor, company President. We make Sam's Yams Sweet Potato Dog Chews along with other wheat free dental treats and chews.

How many packages do you need designed?


List the size requirement(s) for your packaging design.

3 1/2 by 4 1/4 inch as a label to put on a bag, also business card size, mini foldable brochure to attach with a string to a product.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Wholistic Pet Foods and treats

How fragile are the products to be included in the packaging?


Describe the target audience for your packaging design

Upscale pet owner, possibly involved in agility training, working dog training or hunting.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your packaging design?

Real food, chef created, give dog sustained energy

Style and Concept

What packaging design styles do you like?

I have a example of what I have in mind. But simple, readable, able to get product idea quick. Clean, upscale look.

What adjectives should best describe your packaging design?

I'm hip, smart and my dog will love me for getting this product.

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

This project includes fleshing out a logo from some support material and putting it into a context using graphic design to create a label for a product.
The company is chef david and the logo includes a slogan unadulterated food for our animals.
I also have a company called Front Porch Pets. We make a dog chew made from dried slabs of sweet potato that have hard ridges dried into the surface of the chew for the purpose of dental health. I actually have a patent on this process. These treats are called Sams Yams. At Front Porch Pets we make a variety of other chews as well made from sweet potato, apple, berries, pumpkin seed and herbs. Everything so far is vegetable based.
My background is as an artisan baker and also a Research and Development Chef. It was quite by accident that I came up with the Sams Yams but now we have the product in over 3000 stores and have thousands of home customers as well.
Now I am developing a dried potato sausage that contains bison as well. As this is a departure from the purely vegetable oriented product line of Sams Yams I want to give the packaging a different look and appeal. And of course a different name, chef david. Actually, I have already developed a rather extensive line of products for the chef david line that includes a full feed line for dogs, and several healthful botanical products for skin, coat, and animal odor control in the home, yard or auto.
In other words, once I select a graphic artist, we will have quite a few upcoming projects and I would prefer to work with the same person.
Our present line, Sams Yams, was graphically and artistically developed by a friend of mine that works for Hanna Barbera Studios. If you google our product you will see the packaging and recognize the cartoon dog style of artwork used. Though this has been successful the chef david line needs a more sophisticated look, whatever that means.
I have struggled long and hard for the right look. I think I know what I want. Yet, I am open to completely different approaches. I do not particularly like the edgy cartoon dog look however. Not sure why, but I would probably nix a design that was of that type. Probably be a dated look in a few years if not already.
Some ideas are found in the attachments. First I must mention I am getting tired of coming up with cutesy names for pet products. I have decided to take each new product and rather than creating a trademark name for it, use a Mission goal, then describe the item concisely. I think this fits in with my background as a R&D chef also.
To start, look at attachment named chef david fonts. This gives a fairly close version of where I am going with this Mission thing. I really want to keep the chef david in an orange background with chef david in white letters. The attachment chef david 2 is more font oriented. I do like the fonts selected because they look like an older typewriter and Mission goes well with that. Basically, the area that is next and right of the chef david is a blank box. It is your job to fill the blank box with some option.
Some ideas: To somehow capture my New Mexico experience:
Nothing has defined my career or had a more important reflection on my 30 years in the food industry than the 2 years I had my own bakery, Bear Ridge Bakery, high in the plateaus of New Mexico.
I have been a director of product development for 500 restaurants, opened restaurant in Chicago, Minneapolis, Houston, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. I have been a corporate instructor, operated restaurants on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, and developed new menu items for a group of 65 bakery cafes all along the California coast. My beginnings were an apprenticeship for cooking in Amsterdam Holland in the early 70s as a young man.
The apprenticeship in Holland was so critical too as it was here I learned to think outside the 9 dots. But above all these experiences was my time in New Mexico, in the Cibola Mountains, smack between the Zuni reservation and the Navajo nation.
Enthralled and inspired by the masonry Horno ovens used by all the pueblo tribes. Using wild sage, wild oregano, pinion nuts from my ranch, local blue corn grown at 7000 ft above sea level, my own mill, pumpkin, all incorporated into long fermented, sourdoughs. I created my own sour using a local starter from a Native baker that I incorporated wild yeast into. Wild yeast from around a Zuni oven manned by an older gentleman named Bowman.
To capture this I have 2 pictures Horno 1 and horno 2. Horno 1 is a spittin image of the oven I built on the grounds of my bakery. Unfortunately, all my photos except horn 2 were lost. Horno 2 is my daughter Ashley, pulling some loaves out of the horno using a long wood bread peel along with myself, holding a pan of pumpernickel. To complete the picture two dogs begging would be appropriate. ( Note: I was very involved in animal rescue when I lived in New Mexico also. I had as many as 10 dogs and 17 cats at one point. I was forever cooking meals for all the critters too, This will eventually be the background story of a web blog I want to do as well, teaching people how to economically feed their dogs from home made recipes)
I dont know if all this pictographic information can be photo shopped into a collage, a caricature, a piece of graphic art, or what have you, and still fit into a space that may be shrunk as small as 1 square on a label.
Another option is to use the photos of cave art, depicting dogs, from ancient caves. What intrigues me about this, is the possibility of tying this image to the real food, wholesome, origins oriented, natural products I will be introducing under chef david. If this is the way to go I could see the background paper of the label having a sandstone, cave wall hue to it. Not too over powering. I have also included a photo of the artwork background used at Panera breads as mostly a color pallet. I do like some of these colors



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