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Creative brief

The buyer added updates to the brief. Read them.

Business Name

The Olive Oil Company of Skopelos

What do you do?

We produce "Bespoke Virgin Oil' from privatly owned 100 year old Olive trees. Each range of Oil is named individualy by the person who owns the tree. We sell the tree then havest and produce Oil for the owner.

How many packages do you need designed?

Four. I need a different design for each of the individual ranges of olive oil

List the size requirement(s) for your packaging design.

Front label 10cm high x 8cm wide
Back Label 10cm high x 6cm wide

What is your industry?

Olive Oil Producers

How fragile are the products to be included in the packaging?

We bottle the Virgin Oil in Glass Bottles

Describe the target audience for your packaging design

Rich Business men and woman who are looking for a way to express their financial worth in a new, interesting and creative way

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your packaging design?


What packaging design styles do you like?

Simple - Clean - Fresh - Stylish -

What adjectives should best describe your packaging design?


Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

The four Olive Oil labels are to be named:
Courtenay House - Olive Oil.
Kings Chase - Olive Oil.
No 28 - Olive Oil.
The Cedars - Olive Oil.

Brief updates

By alberttracksuit on 2-Jan-12 10:38 p.m. GMT
Please see the examples of lablels and bottles I have uploaded on to the brief.
Because each customer has their own oil from their own tree, it is also possible for them to have their own label design on their own bottle.
i.e each of the four labels will be different is style.
By alberttracksuit on 2-Jan-12 10:39 p.m. GMT
The labels can be spot colour, cmyk or a mixture of the two
By alberttracksuit on 2-Jan-12 11:02 p.m. GMT
I think I need to clarify the brief.
This oil is made from individual trees that are owned by private customers.
The oil is then named by these customers and is useualy named after thier home.
Therefore each label needs to be different.
An oil that is named No 28 can be far more modern and contemporary than one that is called The Cedars.

Please look at examples I have put on the brief. Hopefuly this will help.
By alberttracksuit on 2-Jan-12 11:16 p.m. GMT
I have just added an example of an Olive Oil label that would be suitable for "Kings Chase"
Please se example 10
The label should represent the style of name
By alberttracksuit on 2-Jan-12 11:59 p.m. GMT
This is some example copy for the back labels

Kings Chase
Kings Chase extra virgin olive oil is harvested from privately owned 100-year-old olive trees growing on the sun-drenched hills of Skopelos, world renown for its delicate fertile soil, precious fruit and extraordinary climate.

As the hand selected and pressed Oil pass over your lips, you will notices the distinctive almond and plum notes, accompanied by a symphony of aromas reminiscent of fresh fruit. This exclusive Oil is bottled from the current harvest and will retain its peak character and flavor for up to 18 months, with proper storages away from light and heat.

No 28
“No 28” Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made exclusively with handpicked olives, harvested at the perfect degree of maturity from 100 year old trees clinging to the sun drenched hills of Skopelos. Yielding small amounts of superior quality olive oil and freshness in every bottle all “No 28” Extra Virgin Olive Oil has extremely low acidity levels, ranging from 0.1% - 0.7%. The aroma is very fresh, with strong undertones of fruit and oregano.
By alberttracksuit on 4-Jan-12 12:15 a.m. GMT
I have just added two more images.
Image 11 would fit - "The Cedars"
Image 12 would fit -"Kings Chase"
By alberttracksuit on 4-Jan-12 9:44 a.m. GMT
I have just added some example WINE label images.
This is because wine label design is some times more creative and original than Olive oil labels.
Please take a look and be inspired.
By alberttracksuit on 5-Jan-12 9:43 p.m. GMT
I have added too examples of creative typo to help inspire you with the "No 28" Brand.
Please take a look.