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Food & Beverage

About Your Company

Our mission is to create plant-based foods that are better for people and the planet. Our start-up vegan jerky company is preparing to launch in a large Midwestern grocery chain this fall with 3 flavors of vegan jerky. We have received a lot of compliments on the black & white clean modern look of our current packaging, but once on shelf it fades into the sea of colorful packages with larger fonts. We are also expanding our product line from one to three flavors and need our packaging to help customers differentiate between flavors. Our target consumers are men and women seeking a healthier on the go high protein snack that fuels busy days, intense workouts, and weekend adventures. Also those interested in eating plant based protein for health reasons.





5" x 6-5/8" standing pouch

Target Audience

Our overall target audience is men and women seeking a healthier on the go high protein snack that fuels busy days, intense workouts, and weekend adventures. Specifically, we want to appeal to millennial men who are the main consumers of jerky while maintaining the clean look and feel of our packaging that is is appealing to a broader audience. Our audience also includes those interested in eating plant based protein for health reasons. While this is a vegan product, the design should be approachable for mass market consumers.

Colors to Explore




Preferred Fonts
  • Sans-serif

  • Serif

  • Block Serif

  • Mono

Don't want to see...

We don't want our packaging to look like mass market jerky packaging. We want to have a balance between a well-designed modern package and one that clearly conveys what the product inside is. Our packaging does not have a clear window, so the consumer will have to understand what the product is without actually seeing it.

Concrete, Organic, Luxurious, Mature, Masculine, Serious, Minimal, Modern

Front content:
- Vegan Jerky (product name)
- plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO
- logo (will upload)
- 10-12 grams plant protein (12g in Cracked Pepper, 10g in other two flavors)
- NET WT 1.2 OZ (34 G)

Back content:
- FUEL YOUR LIFE. Our high protein cracked pepper jerky delivers clean energy to fuel intense days, hard workouts, and weekend adventures.
- HELP THE PLANET. We make plant based jerky to reduce emissions and conserve freshwater for future generations. You can help the planet by eating it!
- Ingredient list and nutrition facts label (will upload)
- Barcode (will upload)
- Produced in a shared use facility
- Order online www.mindwellsnacks.com
- Be social with us@mindwellsocial (will upload social medial logos)
- Take this jerky wherever life takes you! Refrigeration not required.
- Refrigerate after opening for best taste.
- Distributed by MINDWELL SNACKS LLC Chicago, IL 60605

Top 3 Things

1. What the product is/clear that it's food (vegan/plant-based jerky)
2. Clean/healthy product (10-12 grams plant protein, gluten free, clean meat alternative)
3. Fashionable/clean design while appealing to mass market and men

Additional Info

We will need Illustrator files.

We have designed a new version of our packaging (will upload) that attempts to show the direction we would like to go. We think our versions are okay, but need help with improving the layout and fonts to make it more attractive. We want to minimize our brand name (MINDWELL) in the updated design and have "vegan jerky" be the prominent focus. We are open to a new logo font/style. Our original packaging can also be viewed at our website www.mindwellsnacks.com

I am going to include an image of our product which is optional to use in the design. If the product can be clearly conveyed in the packaging without using the photo, that is preferred.

The packaging material is a white matte bag that will be printed on with matte black for text and metallic colors for background colors or colored design elements. The three metallic colors corresponding to the three flavors are black (Cracked Pepper), gold (Ginger Teriyaki), and red (Sweet Chipotle). We are leaning toward using these metallic colors but are open to other ideas as well.

The Competition:
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Bon Appetit covers:



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