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Product name: Agave Beach

Category: Mainstream Tequila

Brand idea: Beach party in a bottle

Product Description: This is Tequila for the partier in all of us. It is loaded with personality and loves a good time, it doesnt take itself too seriously, and its not just for sipping like Patron or Don Julio but to be experienced with friends at dinner parties or by the pool at a bar-b-que. When you think of Agave Beach think Mexican beach parties that go all night, just caught fish tacos made right on the beach at that shack with tables set in the sand and giant margaritas.

Project Deliverables: A bottle label with a killer brand mark, both memorable and portable(visualize t-shirts, hats and banners at the 2-man/woman World Sand Volleyball finals in Sayulita Mx.) We dont have the bottle yet, but were looking for something accessible, a little unique, maybe frostedyou can help us make that call with your design and how it would be integrated with the bottle details. If you want to share ideas about a bottle, we'd love em'. Otherwise use a place holder from what you can find on the web or in the market/liquor store.

Target audience: Trend setting active males, but were also looking for something that young fashion conscious active women would appreciate too.

Production concerns: This label will be able to be printed in either PMS or process colors on either applied labels or decorated right on the bottle.

Must haves: We want to be wowed by your work, don't present us with concepts that will show up next month in a category audit. If we decide to use your design it would be seen against the backdrop of a very crowded shelf, so make it POP.

Design influences we like? Nah. We'd rather not skew your creativity by setting limits based on our own subjective views.



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