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Health conscious, vegan, vegetarian, people trying to reduce fat intake, higher end product, foodie that will spend more on a unique product with complex flavors





7.5” x 5.5”

Target Audience

Health conscious, vegan, vegetarian, people trying to reduce fat intake, higher end product, foodie that will spend more on a unique product with complex flavors

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Don't want to see...

I uploaded a graphic of mushrooms, knife and other ingredients I pulled off the web. Please find a similar better quality graphic and use that on the package.

SHOULD NOT: Too much mushroom and vegan oriented. We don't want a hippie, psychedelic, 60's type design.

This must invoke a high end, whole foods, organic style, no preservatives good for your body feeling in the buyer!

Product name is Pure Jerky our company name is Alta Foods. The package should be exciting and refined!! It should make people feel good about picking this product compared to eating meat jerky!!! Please write Plant-Based. No GMO. Heart healthy, no cholesterol, All natural, NO REFINED SUGAR! and put a Vegan logo but don't write Vegan to stand out on the package. It can be on there but not to stand out.

Please SIMPLY find a way to highlight some of the following benefits of oyster mushrooms:

1) Low in calories
2) Contain a good amount of protein, fiber, niacin and riboflavin, along with an array of other micronutrients like phosphorus and potassium.
3) Studies have shown that oyster mushrooms are high in antioxidants, B vitamins, and may help reduce inflammation and cholesterol!!!
4) May boost brain health and block cancer growth
5) Oyster mushrooms are rich in many of the nutrients believed to enhance brain function. Niacin, for instance, has been shown to protect against Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline in older adults in clinical research.
6) A test-tube study conducted by the Methodist Research Institute’s Cancer Research Laboratory in Indianapolis found that oyster mushrooms were able to inhibit the growth and spread of breast and colon cancer cells. Similarly, another test-tube study in 2011 showed that oyster mushroom extract had therapeutic effects against colorectal tumor and leukemia cells.

Package is 7.5" tall x 5.5" wide. It must have a see through area around the bottom area for the consumer to see the product

Package will hold 2.2 oz of product.

Please design the back with an area to write “Our Story”. And a generic nutritional chart that we can fill in. Thanks!
We are starting with three flavors. Names are:

Simply Good! (Main Product)
Tuscan Balsamic Pear
Thai Mango Chili

Alta Foods, 8731 Caminito Abrazo, La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone number (833) Try-Alta

Youthful, Abstract, Organic, Luxurious, Playful, Masculine, Modern, Minimal

Vegan Mushroom jerky packaging made in San Diego sustainable We are selling a low fat, vegan, non-gmo, gluten free version of beef jerky. We will be using mushroom to make the jerky and will have a variety of flavors. We are catering to a high end health food conscious market with a desire to explore exciting flavors for their descernable palate. We do not want anything to reflect too much of a mushroom theme or too hippie earthy style.

I uploaded a design of another of my brands called Pizzetta Shop. I like the color, the circular logo and the squiggly round line in the circle. It resembles sustainable food and the earth. If we could I corporate that in somehow it would be nice BUT not necessary!

Top 3 Things

Health conscious, fun and amazing flavor!



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