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Business Info

Business Name

Left Hand Chick

What do you do?

We help people "keep it together".

We do that by selling premium coffees as an online retailer and eventually on shelves of certain high end big box stores. For today's busy moms and professionals, taking a minute to drink a cup of coffee and enjoy a moment for themselves is an important part of keeping it together.

With the coffee products we'd like to tap into the fundamental reasons we believe that people drink coffee and love coffee.

Although you do get a caffeine boost we believe this isn't the bigger, more powerful, sub-conscience drive behind drinking coffee.

Drinking coffee is:

A ritual and a process. Without feeling guilt or the need to explain or justify yourself to others, when taking a minute for yourself to drink a cup of coffee you are unapologetically nurturing yourself with a small indulgence, taking a mental break, allowing the chaos for just a moment to whirl around you. You don't feel guilt about not sharing or not taking care of other people's needs... but for just a minute... this minute.

Drinking a cup of coffee is like a mini-vacation, especially for a busy person that already adds a burden of putting everyone else first and feeling guilt doing something for themselves. Especially for moms as they share everything. They have shared their womb, their bed, their food, their bodies... When raising kids they even have to share the bathroom. Mom's frequently mention just wanting a second to take a break and do something for themselves, but rarely do they give permission to do it.

Coffee is one of those things that you don't have to share, so it is a guilt-free indulgence that doesn't have to be explained, and they don't have to ask permission. Everyone knows... "I'm having my cup of coffee right now." and from a distance. "She's having her cup of coffee." There is a subtle and unspoken reverence that you don't bother this person who is taking a minute to keep it all together.


Although our first product that we are launching is coffee, were planning to launch other products in the future. The packaging imagery can (but doesnt have to) include coffee images.

The Left hand Chick Logo (included) represents the soul of the brand, and should transfer successfully from product to product. Left Hand Chick is about keeping it together.

Our brand tag line is Keep It Together. The niche wed like to create for our brand is that we provide high quality products for the everyday, classy, sassy and fabulous individual to help them keep it together so they can dominate their day.

How many package designs do you need?

Graphics for 3 packages

List the size requirement(s) for your packaging graphics.

Our packages are a 16 oz side gusset coffee bag (Template and examples attached) that can be either filled to 12 oz or 16 oz.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Food and Beverage

How fragile are the products to be included in the packaging?

Not fragile. These are coffee beans or ground coffee beans in a bag.

Describe the target audience for your package graphics

Although our brand is not specifically for men or women we feel as if it might appeal more toward women, especially moms or busy female professionals (or both) who typically have a lot of responsibility and place high expectations for themselves and others. Our customer is frequently balancing and shuffling a lot of things all at once.

Our clientele is self-motivated, ambitious, educated, socially-aware, hard-working and strives to be leaders and set an example. Although they care what they put into their body and care about their impact on their environment and the rest of the world they dont have a lot of time to put towards researching the products they buy.

Its important to them to buy products they can trust and they make conscience decisions on their purchases that reflect their values and beliefs.

Despite all they have going on, being pulled together is important to them. Whether financially well-off, or on a budget they work hard to keep things classy, but still maintain a level of fun and spunkiness that others around them admire. They push the social norm just enough, so that they come across as confident, creative and admirable. The word "sassy" can be a little bit rebellious, but "classy" is the balancing force that keeps it all together. Sassy but classy is a brand description we like to use.


During persona research for this brand we asked target customers this question:
"What's the last thing you did for yourself?"

The number one answer from 9 out of 10 women they all gave the same answer:
"I took a bath".

Think about that for a minute. These people are so busy and so wrapped up in helping others that taking a bath is a luxury. To many people this thought would be crazy, that someone was so busy and puts others first so often that they feel guilty even taking a few minutes to shut (and lock) the door just so they could take a bath.

Our customer is the one that gets it done when everyone else takes a break. This is the person that pushes through, gives that final 5%, and has the determination to finish the job. Putting others first and pulling their weight at their own expense is the cost they pay for success. We want to give them back some of that time, and give them permission to be self-indulgent in small micro-moments because that's all they will allow for themselves.

This is who you are designing for, and when they look at the packaging, that's what we want them to feel:

"With this product you can be self-indulgent without any guilt."


Our brand tag line is Keep it Together. The niche wed like to create for our brand is that we provide high quality products for the everyday, classy, sassy and fabulous individual to help them keep it together so they can dominate their day.

Descriptive adjectives for our clientele include: ambitious, affectionate, assertive, capable, confident, classy, considerate, courageous, dependable, energetic, headstrong, honest, independent, insightful, intelligent, opportunistic, patient, peaceable, practical, resourceful, responsible, self confident, sharp witted, soft-hearted, spunky, sassy, sociable, steady, tactful, unconventional.


History of the brand name Left Hand Chick:

Our owner was searching for a phrase that would easily describe someone who was essential to the running of her life and business. She wanted an easy to use phrase like right hand man but there were 2 problems with this phrase that kept her from being able to relate to this phrase:

She was not right handed and her most essential employee was not a man.

She began referring to her leading team member as her Left Hand Chick.

Your Left Hand Chick is essential to providing what you need to help you keep it together before you arrive at a place where you need to pull it together. She fills in the blanks, takes care of the details and helps you to be at your best at all times.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your package graphics?

1. Classy
2. Sassy
3. "With this product you can be self-indulgent without any guilt."

Regarding the specific packages that you will design:


Package for Coffee #1:
Flavor Name: "Get Up, Dress Up, Show up"
Supporting Phrase: "Because I told myself I would."
Tagline: "Keep it together"
This coffee we're marketing as a morning blend. It helps you to start your day with confidence and determination feeling motivated and unstoppable. "This is happening" (your day), there is no avoiding it, so you've made up your mind to dominate it.

Package for Coffee #2:
Flavor Name: "Give Me a Minute"
Supporting Phrase: "Because it will get done, but after this."
Tagline: "Keep It Together"
This coffee we're marketing as an afternoon blend. It's just what you need in the middle of a busy day. You didn't ask for permission to take a break... you took permission to take a break. Irregardless of what is going on, everyone else is going to have to hold on a hot minute while you unapologetically put your feet up, take a break and drink your coffee. After your minute you have full confidence you'll be able to tackle the rest of the day.

Package for Coffee #3:
Flavor Name: "Breakfast In Bed"
Supporting Phrase: "Because Its About Time
Tagline: "Keep It Together"
This coffee is for that impossible moment when someone actually lets you sleep in and puts you first. Even if Breakfast In Bed only happens in your mind as you sip on a cup of coffee in the eye of a hurricane, its still a beautiful thought.


Each package should exude this feeling:
"With this product you can be self-indulgent without any guilt."


Our brand tag line is Keep It Together. The niche wed like to create for our brand is that we provide high quality products for the everyday, classy, sassy and fabulous individual to help them keep it together so they can dominate their day.

Style and Concept

What package graphics design styles do you like?

I have attached a few examples that I like, but I have not seen anything specific that would match this brand. I'm also including pictures of what other products look like so that you can differentiate from them easily.

Initially we are going with a 16 ounce side-gusseted coffee bag (template attached).

I like the idea of having a strong pattern in the gussets to contrast with the design on the front and back of the bag. We have included some patterns that we like.

If you choose to use a pattern: It can be "zoomed out" to show a lot of the design in a big field, or really "zoomed-in" so that you focus more on a single element of the damask pattern. You can also substitute the white background for a complimentary color or a contrasting color. This could be a dark purple on a lighter purple field, or a glossy purple on a matte field, or a sky blue design on an orange field... Feel free to explore options. A particular favorite is the damask, but don't feel obligated to use it. We also like the idea of using a different pattern for each flavor for differentiation.

Ultimately this decision is up to you on how to bring it all together.

What I do NOT like is how other brands use large blocks of color as panels to hold text and differentiate between flavors.

DO NOT FEEL CONFINED TO THIS: We like the idea of having maybe one or two bold colors that contrasts with neutrals like blacks, whites, silvers, and grays for text and design as well as using colors to distinguish the flavors.

Everything out there in other packages that you see on shelves and as top sellers online are all dominated by black, black, and more black. Sometimes you will see white, and occasionally the natural brown and earthy colors. We want to be visually different and easily recognizable from the other packages on the market today.

What adjectives should best describe your packaging design?

Sassy but Classy
Guilt-Free Indulgence

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

The goal of this initial packaging design is to do 3 things:

1. Differentiate this brand from all of the other brands
2. Differentiate each flavor from each of our other flavors. The customer should easily be able to tell each of our flavors apart from each other while still seeing the coherence of the brand that is present in each flavor.
3. The feeling that you get when you look at the package should convey this feeling: "With this product you can be self-indulgent without any guilt."

Other packaging specifics:

1. The product will be either 12 ounces or 16 ounces so the package needs to include weight information.
2. We will provide a UPC code which will be included on the bottom of the bag.
3. Our products will include seals and logos from other organizations like: Fair Trade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Bird Friendly. These seals need to blend in well with our packaging without detracting from the design. They should also not clash with each other. (Usually I accomplish this by making each logo gray-scale or all in the same color palette.)
4. With this packaging design we are focused on the feeling and reason why we drink coffee, not where the beans are from. Every other brand focuses heavily on the bean's origin and the roast. We are making a brand promise of good taste, so we don't want to get caught up in the details of where the coffee is from. This is about the customer, not where the bean was harvested.
5. Each bag will need to convey the caffeine level as either: High, Medium, Low. I would like for this to be a sort of scale so that when the customer purchases the "High" caffeine coffee, they also see that there are other options available. It can be a sliding scale, or a dot over the caffeine level. That's up to you, just keep it classy and sassy.


Other Thoughts:

I really like the feeling of the skinny girl logo and brand. But I do not want to emulate or copy that design. The skinny girl brand has done a good job of creating a feeling around their products that allows you to trust the brand to look out for your best interest when it comes to being skinny and fabulous.


Our culture recently has really loved poking fun at themselves and making light of: "still having it together", "barely having it together", "having it together on the outside but maybe not the inside" and "having lost it and needing to pull it together". We're looking to tap into that same feeling and humor but still maintain a certain element of class and confidence.

Here are some examples of things that reflect our brand sentiment:
Laura Bennet and her book "Didn't I Feed You Yesterday, a Mothers Guide to Sanity in Stilettos"

Chatbook video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTTs7ewu...

Pooporri video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKLnhuzh...


Quotes, designs, concepts and products from https://www.erincondren.com/

"Act like a Lady, Think Like a Boss"

These are things in pop-culture that our clientele can relate to, they find funny and poke fun at because they feel these things, but represent someone who doesn't have it together so DO NOT define our brand. But these still represent that currently in pop culture we like to draw attention to who has it pulled together the best. This is NOT how we see our brand being represented.

Anna Kendrick tweet "It's cute how I used to think this "barely-holding-it-together" feeling was temporary"

"The struggle is real"

"I have no ducks, there is no row, I have squirrels and they're at a rave"

Inside the bowl video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JdcLE2N...


Here's a Pinterest board with a few other images you might draw from as a mood board for the brand: https://www.pinterest.com/stevetinkle71/...



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