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Health Care & Biotech

About Your Company

Our name is “Roots”. We make an entirely plant based dietary supplement for suppressing your appetite. It can also increase energy, but “Appetite suppressant” is our main and most focused message to be communicated. We’re all natural/plant based, vegan, organic, etc.

Target audience example personas:

Our target audience are individuals looking to lose weight but don’t want to take or worry about any supplements with synthetic, man-made chemicals (such as hydroxycut). They prefer an all natural plant based approach.

Emily: Emily lives in LA, she does yoga multiple times a week, she's vegan (except for her ocasional latte), an avid instagram user, fruit smoothie drinker, wears lululemon, smokes weed. Takes a few all natural supplements to help nurture and improve her health and wellbeing.

Andres: Andres lives in San Jose, he works out and exercises multiple times a week, healthy eater, protein smoothie drinker, probably has some shirtless shots on instagram, was probably not as fit a few years ago. Takes work out supplements regularly.



Circular container with 3 sides: example link below
Main front side showing logo, as well as THCV and CBD
Second side: Branded paragraph (listed below in content section)


Normal supplement container size: example below

Target Audience

Californians male or female, yoga, values personal health and wellbeing, active on vegan/yoga instagrams, takes natural supplements already, exercises, previously taken weight loss pills.

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Don't want to see...

Avoid pharmaceutical-esk feel

Luxurious, Abstract, Playful, Feminine, Minimal, Modern, Organic, Youthful

The whole package should have a brown bottom of plant roots with dirt, etc. And then a cannabis leaf growing from the stem.
Branded paragraph: “Roots believes people deserve the benefits of popular weight loss pills without any of the risks or side effects. Roots is 100% plant based and California made.

Top 3 Things

thcV and CBD, cannabinoids
All natural plant based
Appetite suppressant



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