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Business Info

Business Name

300 Below, Inc.

What do you do?

We're looking for a designer that wants to see their work featured on store shelves of some large US brands, and also in catalogs from large industrial suppliers. We have created and are marketing a new cleaning solution. Pristine is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, water based, non-flammable, carbon remover. It can be used for gun cleaning, jet engine cleaning, automotive/truck/boat exhaust cleaning. It is reusable and eliminates oil, grease, carbon-based deposits, polishing compounds, rouges, rosin core flux lines, and other manufacturing particulate from metal surfaces, plastics and composites. The cleaner rinses completely free, leaving no residue and no etchings.

How many sides of the package require graphics design?

multiple sides, one continuous circular design

List the size requirement(s) for your package graphics design

This design is for a round plastic gallon-sized bottle of cleaning solution. The label will wrap around the entire bottle. Use a standard measurement, assuming you have experience designing stuff like this in the past! We will find a way to get it printed and adhered, but are also open to suggestions if you know where to go.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Health Care and Biotech

Describe the target audience for your package graphics

The target audience is a firearms owner, or anyone doing vehicle and aviation maintenance, or anyone who is using a cleaning solution in an industrial operation.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your package graphics design?

high-tech, non-toxic, environmentally friendly

Style and Concept

What package graphics design styles do you like?

clean, simple, but edgy and high-tech. We're okay with seeing a textured background if it adds to the visual communication of how this cleaning solution gets through the gunk / buildup and makes things cleaner in a *responsible* way.

What colors do you want to see in your package graphics design?

primary colors are important, green is also a possibility.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your package graphics design?

We don't want to see weird colors like pink, purple, orange, etc

What adjectives should best describe your package graphics design?

high-tech, clean, simple

What content must be included in the package graphics design?

a logo must be created for the product, and the product will need to include basic statements about its functionality, intended applications, and that its main features as a cleaning solution (to differentiate itself in the marketplace) is that it is fully non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable (environmentally friendly). Can be used with ultrasonic cleaning platforms for maximum effectiveness. On the reverse / rear part of the wrap-around logo: It also should be mentioned that protective gloves and safety glasses are recommended, eyes should be flushed with water for 15 minutes if they are contacted with the solution, and hands should be washed with soap and water, followed by application of a moisturizing cream since this product removes natural oils from the skin as well. The pH level is 7.7+or- and should be noted. The product should include a standard industrial hazard label showing NFPA hazard classification of Health 0, Flammability 0, Reactivity 0.

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

We are sharing documents from the original product we called "Premiere" but we are now called "Pristine" because of trademark reasons. You may show us a proof of concept that features the name "Pristine" or "Pristine Cleaner" or "Pristine Cleaning Solution" or "Pristine Cleaning Agent" -- the final name is really up to the look of the design and the theme of the packaging. But we need to communicate that this is a cleaning solution with some very unique properties.



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