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Business Info

Business Name

Philo Ridge Vineyards

What do you do?

We are a small 100% solar and wind powered winery located in the Anderson Valley of Mendocino County, California. We produce small hand crafted lots of premium wine. Our wines are 100% Vegan. We produce wines the way wine has been produced for centuries, we do not produce better wine through science. We are very traditional in our methods. We are a husband and wife team, not a big corporate entity. We make wines that we like to drink and enjoy the process. I am sitting here looking at the beautiful green hills in front of me while my Golden Retriever is laying at my feet and a Hummingbird is in the feeder in the window. We have a passion for wine and almost no sense of design. But we know that we need a re-design on our label. We have been a winery for 10 years and the this will be our third label design. We view this re-design as the natural evolution of our journey in the wine business. I am trying convey who we are but none of these elements need to be incorporated into the label.

How many sides of the package require graphics design?

The package is a wine bottle, so the label can either be a two piece or a wrap label.

List the size requirement(s) for your package graphics design

A typical 750ml wine bottle. Our current label is a front and back label design. The front label is 3.9" w x 3.8" h. The back label is the same size

Target Audience

What is your industry?


Describe the target audience for your package graphics

Our audience is the broad spectrum of wine buyers. We are trying to attract buyers who do not know our brand as we are relatively small and they may not have heard of us before. It has been shown that women tend to but wine based upon the label and more women buy wine then men. Not sure that helps but trying to give you as much info as possible.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your package graphics design?

High quality without being stuffy or the same as all the rest. Our current label has a picture of our vineyard. Probably 1/2 of the labels in the market have a drawing or picture of the vineyard.
People need a reason to pick up our wine so the messaging and/or graphics must be contemporary and possibly a bit edgy. We need to stand out on a crowded shelf, we need to give our sales rep something new to show to potential restaurant or retail buyers that looks different.
We are a wine that you want to pick up even though that you have never heard of us but you are compelled to because of the packaging. Many people buy wines based solely on the label design.

Style and Concept

What package graphics design styles do you like?

Possibly a silhouette of a wine bottle or wine glass, this can either be a graphic or a cutout that allows the color of the wine to come through.
We are very open to any new design. The label can either be a two part label like our current label, a wrap label or any other design that will easily work on a wine bottle.
We really want a design that is more contemporary than the traditional label design. Lately I have spent many hours standing in different wine shops just looking wine bottles on the shelves and I must admit very little has jumped out at me, nothing that says that my package is so different that I have to pick up the bottle and buy just because the label is so cool.

What colors do you want to see in your package graphics design?

Green, gold, black
We have been using an egg shell felt paper. It has texture which folks seem to like but again this is mandatory.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your package graphics design?

Lots of blue

What adjectives should best describe your package graphics design?

Contemporary, edgy

What content must be included in the package graphics design?

If you have done wine labels before you will see that there is mandatory info from the government that must be on it. I have attached a copy of our current labels for you to look at. Also there needs to be a place for a UPC code.
The front or back label must have the alcohol level, the type of wine that it is. We are looking for the overall design and then we can work with you to ensure that all the mandatory info is on the label.

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

As you can probably tell from my tortured prose in the previous boxes my attempt to relay what we want to do is coupled with my total lack of design ability. But I know what I like.
We want to give you as much latitude as possible in developing a concept for us. Go crazy and have fun but not to crazy!



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