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About Your Company

Orange State LLC, we grow legal cannabis in Washington State. We are already present as a 'fun' brand with 'fun' graphics, but we need to enter the higher end 'top-shelf' market with a more sophisticated label. It must be different than the muted green and brown colors on the shelf.



One round jar label (jar is round, label can be any shape), not to cover more than half the glass, and one lid label. To save money we will use black or white lids - designer's choice, but the lid label should integrate in to the lid so it doesn't look like a cheap lid with a label afterthought.


Jars from 56 mm diameter x 49mm high to 87 mm diameter x 93 mm high. Graphics should be able to be resizable to fit the different jar sizes

Target Audience

It truly encompasses everyone over the age of 21. The market is now mature, so do not target 'stoners'.

Colors to Explore


Preferred Fonts
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Don't want to see...

Should be sophisticated, not appealing to children

Rigid, Concrete, Luxurious, Mature, Serious, Masculine, Minimal, Classic

The graphic must connect the 3 products we will use the labels for - Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. I am looking for one label that can be slightly altered (color, letter?)to associate the three products, yet differentiate them

Top 3 Things

High class, sophisticated, clean

Additional Info

label will have a qr code - there are some really creative designs incorporating the qr code - not necessary but of interest



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