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Health Care & Biotech

About Your Company

We sell herbal supplements to consumers, wholesalers, and retailers. Our main market is to the health-conscious customers who what to improve their health through alternative solutions. Some of our customers have minor ailments such as high blood sugar, vision health, joint pain, etc... but do not see these pains as enough to warrant seeing a doctor and therefore our customers seek alternative solutions to heal their ailments.





Height : 3 in X Width: 7.25 in

Target Audience

Our customers are generally from the ages of 25 and above with a concentration between the ages of 40-65-year-olds. Both men and women use our product. The primary location where our products are sold is in the United States. When it comes to income, our customers in the middle class and above, meaning that they have disposable income. They value herbal supplements and alternative medicine and try to live healthily.

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Preferred Fonts
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No neon colors or hard to read fonts, please.

Modern, Minimal, Masculine, Serious, Mature, Luxurious, Organic, Concrete

We will be uploading our logo and some other artifacts that will be on the supplement label.

Top 3 Things

We want this label to communicate something modern, professional, and natural.

Additional Info

We'd like to see this label to be more uniform because as we expand our product line we want consumers to be able to recognize our product and our brand. So what we are looking for is a label design that can be adapted across multiple products that represent our brand with some expression of what each product is about. An example would be chip bags, there are different flavors but the general design of the bag remains the same.
Please create the label in vector format, so use Illustrator for Ai files or EPS files.


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