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Food & Beverage

About Your Company

US: We are a food and beverage group of establishments, we own several restaurants in the region.

CUSTOMERS: daily customers who will be visiting on daily basis as our food is fresh and clean, young generation, people who want fresh food, anti-fast food customers, people who will be gathering in groups.



We will require multiple sides of each package (5 sides, bottom/base side is not required)

We would like it to be on a regular theme, so each box will have a distinguished color, that matches the theme


three types of packaging:
1. Burger Box: 10cm x 13cm x 8cm
2. Sandwich Wrap: 35cm x 35cm
3. Large Box: 15cm x 6cm x 28cm

Target Audience

age, 15 to 45
gender, male and females (with a female larger scale)
location, local customers
income, middle class (medium income or even lower)
occupation, from technicians to engineers and financial occupations
industry, engineering and finance
education, diploma technicians, engineers, analysts, accountants
lifestyle, hip, modern, cool, clean
Interests, social media, movies, wanting to be something big

Colors to Explore


Preferred Fonts
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Don't want to see...

mascot or something wierd

Abstract, Organic, Economical, Youthful, Playful, Feminine, Complex, Modern

please take a look at what we will be offering in terms of total packaging and it will show you some of competitors packaging for reference.

Top 3 Things

Modernity, Organic, and Youthful

Additional Info

Shawarmar (Instagram @shawarmersa)
Shawarma shwaikh (Instagram @shawarmashuwaikh)
Luna grill www.lunagrill.com
CAVA grill www.cava.com
Chipotle www.chipotle.com
The Hummus and Pita Co www.hummusandpitas.com



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