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About Your Company

We are the first manufacturer of functional drinks in Russia under brand name Fitoguru. Fitoguru gives your everything your body needs that most people don't get in their daily diet. Unlike any other drink of its type, Fitoguru's all natural, clinically proven, formulas give your body exactly what it needs in precisely right amounts.

Fitoguru is made of a mix of natural superfoods such as wild grown herbs, flowers, roots, berries, fruits and vegetables, and bee products. Unlike all juice and juice drinks, which are full of added sugar or unhealthy sugar substitutes, Fitoguru has no added sugar and no added sugar substitutes, no artificial colors and aroma additions, no GMO, no preservatives.

Fitoguru range includes the following products – Intellect, Tonus, Immuno, Vision, Energy, Relax.



Front side first to select the winning concept among participants.
Then, both front and back sides designs of each 6 drink types need to be done. We will negotiate for the additional work with the winning creative.


overall height 166,5 mm, glass body diameter 60 mm (see enclosed file with bottle exact measurements and photo)

Target Audience

Our target consumers are 25-45 years old, women and men, busy working professionals, living in cosmopolitan cities, high education, mid-to-high income, progressive-minded, cynical to standard advertising and very selective. They are looking for an easy, but credible solution to support their health (without compromising health to their life pleasures).

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Don't want to see...

This packaging update is evolution rather than revolution to existing brand identity and packaging design. Its important to mantain consistency with current desing in terms of using brand logo, each individual product icons (heros) at front label.

I do not want to see repetition of what is typically presented across the most of beverages with array of fruit and vegetables pictures.

Abstract, Organic, Luxurious, Youthful, Playful, Feminine, Minimal, Modern

For the front side of the bottle, the revised packaging design should include existing brand logo, existing icons of each function drink.

We need to reinforce visually stronger (than in current design of front side of the bottle) the product pure natural content, reinforce unique taste appeal of brand (blend of berries, fruits & herbs and plants).

Product functionality shall not be diminished or reduced from front side communication. White background of brand label and design shall be mantained.

Top 3 Things

Naturallness, Functionality, Fun

Additional Info

Use for reference core organics range as interesting route to combine dominant white backgound and natural taste communication. Here is the link https://hydratewithcore.com/pages/produc...



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