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This design will be used as the packaging for dried fruit. There are 5 different kinds of dried fruit we sell:



Mix: Mango, Papaya & Pineapple




The dried fruit is from Cameroon from farmers who have been forced off their land by a multi-national company in the early 90s. This takeover forced them to start paying high prices to lease the land that once was theirs or that they at one time rented for a reasonable rate. The unmistakable objective of the multi-national is to acquire as much land possible, allowing them to continue expanding their colossal share of international banana market.

The producers have taken the fight to court but to no avail, they have received little to no compensation for the land that was swept out from under their feet. The dried fruit project has been created in order to give these struggling farmers additional income. The group of males and females, GIC Esprance, from a community named Njombe Penja in Western Cameroon, harvest the fruit or pay local farmers fair prices for their fruit, and then dry the fruit in their gas-fired ovens.

Partners for Just Trade (PJT), a non-profit, Fair Trade organization, works with the Cameroonian NGO, RELUFA, to help these producers earn a fair price. It is our hope that this dried fruit (and in turn) the bags, will be imported to the US by other companies/organizations (in addition to PJT) and that RELUFA will find other customers in Europe thus the packaging should not include PJTs name.

Reasons to purchase our fruit:


Choosing for responsible lifestyle and consumption patterns our consumers want to contribute to a world that offers grassroots producers a dignifying livelihood. This is why they are willing to pay for our product Fair Trade line product a slightly higher price than for a similar item in the mainstream grocery stores. The earnings from Fair Fruit sales also offers them new hope, because the farmers and dryers decide together on the costs and benefits of their product following Fair Trade certification standards.


Not only is Fair Fruit a delectable food item, without any additives like sugar, sulfur, preservatives, etc. it is a truly wholesome snack: a natural energizer for the sport enthusiast, a lean bite for a weight watcher, a healthy alternative for students.


Our farmers use natural inputs in their cultivation process. Barely being able to make a living for their families, they steer away from costly chemicals. We eventually hope to lessen the products environmental impact by running the fruit dehydrators on biogas.


We would like this packaging to convey that it is not just a delicious, healthy fruit that the consumers are buying, but that their purchase is helping to improve the producers lives.

Learn more about the fruit and meet the producers at: www.partnersforjusttrade.org/fruit


For our product we need a colored front and back design for either a standup or a two-sided polyester/polyethylene transparent pouch. It will be 5 inches width by 8 inches height and in the case of stand up pouch 3 inches wide bottom. The pouch will have a re-sealable ziplock at about .75 inches from the top and also has a punch hole in the middle and tear notches at the sides (above the zipper).

People have indicated they like to be able to see the actual fruit inside because it is so appealing in color and shape. This could be a traditional transparent window, or worked into the design in any other creative way. Pineapple is processed in rounds, mango in slices, papaya in strips, banana in chips, and the mix is in bite size pieces. We would like at least a window of at least 3 x 2" on the front so the consumer will be able to see the beautiful, natural dried fruit.

We are also thinking about making a bag for samples so we'd like to be able to use this design (or take elements of it) for a smaller bag, too.


We will be selling to individuals across the US and most likely the consumers will be over the age of 30, middle class and/or socially conscious consumers. The dried fruit is more expensive ($6 per 100 gram bag) that most other dried fruit on the market. The fruit will be sold at events and conferences, at retails stores who carry Fair Trade products, and we hope to get them into natural food cooperatives, too.


Don't have any favorites.

We have noticed that a lot of current design looks very sleek and modern which we like but are not sure if is a good fit for our product (although we are open to being proven wrong!).

We want our packaging to tell the story of the farmers and hopefully incorporate the calabash that is decorated with Western African symbols. (See attachments)



* Must have window to see fruit on the front

* Mention of the products: Mango; Papaya; Pineapple; Banana; and: Mango, Papaya and Pineapple

* "Oven-Dried"

* "No additives; No Preservatives"

* "Fair Fruit" - this is in an orange balloon on the current packaging to call people's attention to it


* FDA requirements:

a) nutritional facts box - 1.8 x 3.2" on the back (we will take care of this, just leave space for us)

b) ingredients

c) "product of Cameroon"

d) best by box - at least 1.25 x .75"

e) produced by GIC Esprance

f) "exported by RELUFA"

* We have included text that we would like to have included on the back of the packaging that tells the story of the farmers. Document is entitled "Back Content".

We are also including the current design (please note: it was done by someone who has little to no design experience!) so you can see what the packaging currently looks like.

We can also provide any images that you like from our website.



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