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Business Info

Business Name

Crazy Go Nuts

What do you do?

All-natural walnut products: Flavored walnuts and walnut butters. This project is for the design of a resealable stand-up pouch for the flavored walnuts

How many sides of the package require graphics design?

2 sides

List the size requirement(s) for your package graphics design

(no template yet, standard stock photo included for your convenience) Package will be around 6" wide by 9" tall, but graphic will need to adapt to different sized packaging, so best to make the file as large as possible to accommodate.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Food and Beverage

Describe the target audience for your package graphics

The Millenial healthy eater. Women in their 20s and 30s, and their boyfriends and moms and BFFs.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your package graphics design?

We are fun and tasty, but without all the processed corporate bullshit. We are all natural, and all-FUN!

Style and Concept

What package graphics design styles do you like?

Things that you would find in Sprouts or Whole Foods.




What colors do you want to see in your package graphics design?

Bright bold colors that match our mascots and logo. Ideally a white base background, as we will be using a white pouch.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your package graphics design?

Not discriminating against any particular colors, as long as they are used in a way that stands out.

What adjectives should best describe your package graphics design?

FUN! Eye-catching, bold, hilarious, entertaining, new, innovative, appetising

What content must be included in the package graphics design?

Our logo and flavor mascot. Must also say "All-Natural Flavored Walnuts"

We have a mascot for each flavor that we do. We would like all of the flavors to have the same design, but vary only in color scheme and mascot. You create one main template, and we will apply it to all different flavors. Mascot for Orange will be included, just do the package for orange, and we'll just change out the color and mascot for all of the other flavors.

Must have a very small window area to see the product (not too large, as the larger the window, the more it will shorten our product's shelf-life).

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

www.crazygonutswalnuts.com to get a feel for our brand

Please put everything in a format that will be editable. We need to adjust these graphics to different sizes and colors.

We do not have a template yet for the pouch, but we've included a standard stock photo of the packaging for your convenience.



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