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About the Company

The Company is a partnership between two friends and successful entrepreneurs: Irshad, whose childhood home was a corrugated metal shack in Fiji, and Paul, an American who comes from a long heritage of service to the underprivileged. After Irshad brought Paul to Fiji in 2007, their passion ignited to create a business that would share the beauty of Fiji with the world and in turn create opportunities for the impoverished residents of the tiny island chain.

The Product

The Companys first launch is authentic Fijian water that makes you feel good. Fijian water is uniquely pure and known to be among the best in the world: filtered through volcanic rock for hundreds of years and sealed deep underground in a protected aquifer, it is free of the chemical contaminants found in the drinking water supply of developed countries. During the natural filtration process, valuable minerals are collected. It tastes particularly sweet and smooth with no chemical treatment required.

Unlike other bottled water companies, we are fully transparent about the source of our water and how we bottle it. Youll be able to see our plant and the natural source of our water at all times on the web and are welcome to visit us on your next trip to Fiji. Were also good global citizens. Our water is bottled using renewable energy, and will have no landfill impact. Were proud of creating jobs for local villagers in Fiji and otherwise improving the standard of living in our immediate community. Each bottle of water is packaged with the friendliness Fijians are known for.

If we had to describe ourselves in five words, wed choose

Artisinal - Authentic - Transparent- Honest Friendly

The water will be premium-priced similar to Evian and Fiji Water.


We need a label design for our first brand of bottled water, which will be named either Ka-Viti or Pure Fijian. (Ka-Viti means from the islands of Fiji in the native Fijian language.) The packaging graphics need to convey the brand properties we mentioned above, stand out on a shelf vs. other premium water, and ultimately inspire trial. Our top 2 chosen concepts will be printed for concept testing and the resulting winner will receive the total award.

Please choose the name you prefer for your designs or submit samples using both. Please design for the 1 Litre bottle but keep in mind the design will need to be able to be resized yet readable for the 500ml and 1.5 Litre sizes.

The mock up and measurements of the bottle are attached in pdf format It is square in shape, made from BPA-free PET plastic.

Due to the nature of our labeling machine, we will be printing a separate front and back label rather than a wrap-around label. The front and back labels will be the same size. It is possible to print on both sides of the back label so that one side is inward-facing. If the front label were somewhat see through, you could see the inward facing side of the back label through the water. Alternatively, the front label does not have to be see through and the inward facing side of the back label does not have to printed on. The dimensions of the front and back label are as follows:

500ml2.036wide x2.935 tall

1 Litre1.854wide x 4.509 tall

1.5 Litre2.057wide x 6.219 tall

We welcome your creativity!


People who care more than others about the taste, source and quality of their bottled water. From a demographic perspective, these bottled water drinkers are aged 25-44, evenly split between men and women. Married with children, college degrees, HHI greater than $100K. We call this group Healthy Questers because they love to dine out, travel the world, explore new food and wine, and attend live music events. They also try to exercise frequently and have a strong interest in wellness.



Subhead: Premium Water Bottled at Source in the Fiji Islands

Additional copy: Bottled with renewable energy, no landfill impact.

Please leave room for the ingredients list and product disclosure.

File formats: Adobe Illustrator up to CS3.

DPI 150

Process Job angle/ degreeCyan 15 degreeMagenta 75 degreeYellow 90 degreeBlack 45 degree

4 Color


Were open to exploring designs and components that communicate the artisinal nature of the brand. We welcome both tropical and non-tropical designs.



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