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  • Award 1
    the whole package by talcioc
  • Award 2
    POPwhite by glamaz0n

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Starts:27-Jan-14 5:36 a.m. GMT

Ends:9-Feb-14 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $239, was awarded to talcioc

Award 2: $239, was awarded to glamaz0n


Vector EPS, Layered PSD


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File 1: Toothpaste_Box_-_2_1.jpg (140.3 KB)

Uploaded on 27-Jan-14 5:16 a.m. GMT

File 2: Prophy_Paste_Box_1.pdf (1.6 MB)

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File 5: Refill_Kit_Box_1.jpg (273.6 KB)

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File 6: SF_Logo.psd (2.5 MB)

Uploaded on 27-Jan-14 5:22 a.m. GMT

File 7: O_Color_wheel.ai (1.3 MB)

Uploaded on 27-Jan-14 5:22 a.m. GMT

Creative brief

The buyer added updates to the brief. Read them.

Business Name


What do you do?

Research, develop, market and distribute cutting-edge, premium dental whitening products.

How many sides of the package require graphics design?

All sides of the toothpaste box need some level of work ranging from original graphics to simply formatting text. Think of a typical toothpaste box: the ends and back generally include text, brand-name and/or logo only; whereas the front and long sides generally include creative graphic work.

List the size requirement(s) for your package graphics design

For the Toothpaste Box, the size requirements we have (which can also be seen in the attached files) is:
1" 7/8" X 1" 7/8" X 6"

What is your industry?


Describe the target audience for your package graphics

POP White’s toothpaste is safe for all ages and positioned to attract the gamut from teenagers to senior citizens. Females tend to be the primary consumers of such cosmetic-oriented products; however, males are increasingly buying teeth-whitening products too. The products are being launched in the United States (sold by dentists and retailers); as it grows, the company plans to distribute internationally. POP White is a premium brand which aims to remain affordable, but will not be budget-priced; accordingly, it is likely a middle to upper income product, particularly appealing to those who are appearance conscious. Given that the toothpaste is peroxide free, it will appeal to alternative enthusiasts also.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your package graphics design?

(a) Premium and High-Quality

(b) Cutting-Edge and Effective

(c) Sexy and Fun

What package graphics design styles do you like?

Minimalist and Bold.

What colors do you want to see in your package graphics design?

PURPLE and WHITE must be on the package given that they represent the technology and result.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your package graphics design?


What adjectives should best describe your package graphics design?

Cool and Memorable

What content must be included in the package graphics design?

(1) The logo must be incorporated into the capital letter O in POP White in each appearance;

(2) The requisite details on RENDERING NUMBER ___ (e.g. ingredients);

(3) The brand name POP White;

(4) The tagline Power of Purple;

(5) Whitening Toothpaste as a descriptive term;

(6) That our patented Viocin(R) Technology naturally whitens and brightens without sensitivity!

NOTE: Please take a look at the attached file named "Toothpaste Box - 2". The ingredients, directions, cautions, etc will need to be on the new design.

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

Additional Info – Part One:

POP White's innovative product line, formulated to effectively clean, whiten and brighten teeth, has created a buzz among dental professionals. A prominent industry leader commented “[T]his is the first new way of whitening teeth in over 35 years." POP White features a portfolio of trusted teeth-whitening products, including its proprietary formula toothpaste, whitening gels, oral rinse and professional prophy paste.

The cornerstone of POP White’s exceptional line is its exclusive technology, Viocin, a patented purple dye, combined with high concentrations of powerful Xylitol. Viocin, further described below, is an advanced agent clinically proven to whiten teeth. Xylitol is an increasingly popular ingredient in wellness products and is clinically proven to have long-lasting benefits, such as plaque-control and re-mineralization.

Viocin leverages the concept of color cancellation in order to neutralize yellow stains so teeth appear whiter and brighter. Depending on the thickness and opacity of the enamel, amount of plaque and surface stains, as well as the color of the underlying dentin, the color of teeth often range between white and yellow. The complementary color that can blend with yellowish teeth to yield whiter looking teeth is purple.

In other words, light reflected by teeth is normally white light; however, yellowish pigments found within some teeth cause teeth to also reflect yellow, which yield teeth that overall reflect a yellowish-white tint. By adding a complementary color to the teeth, by means of the teeth absorbing an FDA-approved purple dye composition (Viocin), the light reflected by the treated teeth will include rays of the complementary color (purple) as well as yellowish light rays. The light rays of the complementary purple combine with and offset the yellowish light rays to yield a blend of light rays that are perceived as whiter. The result is a naturally whiter and healthier smile; users of POP White’s line describe the result as a "naturally white" looking smile – not artificially bright.

Teeth whitening products can be exhausting to select. A lot of consumers are overwhelmed as they comb through dozens of teeth whitening products; however, most whitening products rely solely on peroxide and are hardly significantly different from the rest. IN CONTRAST, because all of its products are infused with Viocin, POP White naturally promotes whiter teeth and provides an effective and successful alternative to peroxide. All of POP White's products make teeth whiter immediately and yield even better results with continued use. Moreover, all POP White products are alcohol and fluoride free; and with the exception of the optional peroxide ampules in the POP White whitening gels, all POP White products are peroxide free. Accordingly, it is an optimal line for those with sensitive teeth. The products also have a clean taste and freshen breath. Due to the new restrictions on dental peroxide in regions like Europe, POP White is a whitening technology with a truly global appeal.

POP White's products are made in the U.S.A.

Additional Info – Part Two:

Please do NOT include the brand SMILEFUSION as the name has changed to POP White. Also, please do NOT include the tagline “the New Way to White;” instead use the new tagline, “Power Of Purple.” Do NOT include the word PRO (which appears on some prior package renderings). You do NOT need to replicate anything in the renderings unless specifically requested herein. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS – WE WANT YOU TO BE EXCITED ABOUT THIS PROJECT. The WINNER of this Award will be a front-runner for one-on-one projects with POP White for additional package designs and additional immediate work.

Additional Info – Part Three:

Company Website Link http://smilefusion.co/

Brief updates

By popwhite on 29-Jan-14 4:01 p.m. GMT
The font used for the brand should be representative; for example, a modern font would work (as it would represent the cutting-edge quality of the brand). Also try to connect the POP in the brand name so that it's acronym connection to Power of Purple is evident. Graphics should be symbolic as well; for example, bubbles are likely not meaningful as there is no effervescent action to this product. Perhaps a more creative symbolic expression of the color technology (like an extension of the logo) might help. Peroxide-free is significant enough to include on front facade.
By popwhite on 31-Jan-14 12:29 a.m. GMT
Hi all you great creatives! The designs submitted so far seem a little dated, not modern; in other words, the project brief is not being met. Here are some additional tips for motivation:

Use a bold and modern font. Avoid cursive, bubble or stencil fonts.
Brand name could be colored using bold, flat colors (to look more modern) instead of using gradients.

The color wheel could be represented more graphically (within the letter “O”), again by using flat colors as opposed to using gradients and lightening streaks.

The placement of “power of purple” would be more appropriate underneath the brand name, specifically underneath the word “POP.”

Perhaps play with the idea of having the word “POP” in purple on a white background and the word “white” in white on a purple background (if this is done using a nice, clean, bold and modern font, it might be a nice approach to making a strong brand image). Also emphasize on both these lines - “power of purple” and “whitening toothpaste.”

Overall hierarchy of all the typography on existing submissions is a little confusing. Consider tightening the spacing and decide which content piece needs to be placed where strategically.

Bubbles, rainbows and curvy lines used to divide the space do not go with the product description /brief; these elements seem childish and not sophisticated, sexy and premium. Make the overall design to look minimal and modern.

Perhaps, consider continuing a little bit of the purple on the back? As of now, many reverse facades are all white which makes them look like a separate panels compared to others.

Explore some shades of purple and consider using shades and tints of purple in the overall design.

The body type on some submissions is not readable at the moment. Consider using bold, regular, italics etc. to differentiate and highlight important parts of the text
By popwhite on 1-Feb-14 12:30 a.m. GMT
Hi there Creatives! Keep the submissions coming. For inspiration,

Here are two interesting examples of industry-specific packaging designs-


Here is an interesting way the word POP was translated into a logo by Citizen Studio-
By popwhite on 2-Feb-14 3:53 a.m. GMT
Thank you all for the recent submissions. Things are heading in the right direction. Please keep in mind that this toothpaste box has to REALLY STAND OUT on a crowded shelf (against competing products). Also, the logo may be adapted from the version attached to the Project Brief. The part of the logo which must be maintained is that it remain a color-wheel with the purple and yellow parts extending inward into the letter O. The purple and yellow meeting to create white represents the underlying technology.
By popwhite on 2-Feb-14 11:54 p.m. GMT
Due to the many great designs we received, we feel that in order to finalize a design that the deadline needs to be extended.
By popwhite on 3-Feb-14 9:47 p.m. GMT
Hi all you great artists,
Seems that visually connecting the tagline Power of Purple to the brand POP White is proving difficult. POP is not only being used to emphasize your teeth will POP after using this toothpaste but also as an ACRONYM for the tagline. Perhaps coloring the first letter of each tagline word Power Of Purple in a different color from the remainder of each respective word will help highlight this relationship.
By popwhite on 15-Feb-14 2:17 p.m. GMT
Thank you for all the hard work and creative spirit. POP White is going to choose the winning design shortly. If you are not chosen, please accept warmest wishes.