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Help us launch a set of "private label" products (by adding logo and graphics to packaging).

We are an online retailer of contact lenses, operating and other webshops. Adding a new "private label" product line is a priority. We are launching 2 types of contact lenses, 2 types of contact lens solutions and 1 type of eye drops under the "Eye Contact" (trademarked) brand name to be used as our private label brand. The products are contract manufactured by 3rd parties and the packaging has strict format/layout requirements (provided as PDF/Photoshop template to work into).

You will need to
1. Design a logo - Design a logo for our brand. Work the logo and product-specific text into the 5 pieces of PDF/photoshop templates.
2. Review packaging - Add other "brand-markers" such as colors, lines and other graphics, etc to reinforce the brand and create beautiful product packaging

As far as brand value:
1. Hygiene factor, medically safe, trustworthy - Contact lenses are vision correction products, hence "medical products", where perceived "hygiene" is an extremely important customer criteria. Therefore most brands tend to use clearly legible texts and clear and light colors to emphasize the medical association. Blue and white are a favorite base color for most brands as they emphasize the hygene/cleanness association. Reflecting these in our brand is also important. (Please visit to see all contact lens products on the market.) The brand should be seen as trustworthy, as most buyers will experiment with buying on their own -without a doctor's recommendation- and should feel comfortable making the purchase.
2. Vanity factor - Contact lenses are also a "vanity product", mostly worn by women (75%+). The key decision to use contact lenses (over alternative vision tools such as prescription glasses) is mostly determined by "cosmetic" factors. (Ie, "I want to look good without glasses". "I want to look natural".) Hence contact lenses are a "look good, feel good" product.
3. Beautiful, socially accepted, socially connected - We believe average contact lens wearers are significantly more urban, well educated, rich and socially connected females than population average. They are happy to be noticed and interact with people. Many of them are happy to show off their pretty eyes for beauty. (Ie, connecting with people, looking into the eyes of strangers, have shiny eyes and sexy look.) We would be happy reflect these elements in our brand and have therefore chosen the "Eye Contact" word combination. However, contact lens wearer women tend not to be very young (our average buyer is 41 years old) so the brand should not be too aggressively "young" to put off buyers from other age brackets.

If you are interested, please log in and sign our NDA. You will then be provided with details on the packaging templates to work into. THANK YOU!