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Starts: 15-May-11 6:57 p.m. GMT

Ends: 8-Jun-11 6:57 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $800, was awarded to good_de...

Award 2: $800, was awarded to glamaz0n

Award 3: $500, was awarded to shsdesign

Award 4: $500, was awarded to Lsa

Award 5: $500, was awarded to medicen...

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Develop packaging graphics (inclusive branding design) for a new deli food product range incorporating different categories such as honey, coffee, oil.

Update 17-May-11 GMT
Hi to everybody,

I up-loaded the brief (concept) again as PDF-File, because some of you couldn't open the PPT.
Hope it works now for all of you guys, If not, please let me know.
Cheers, Stefan
Update 19-May-11 GMT
Got some questions around wording and product descriptions. They are not clear yet, because they will be dependent as well on the execution (cute, cheeky, provocative...). I can imagine giving names to heroes, if used in design concepts, like the Romantic, The Killer, the Cutie, whatever fits.
In terms of authenticity, here I'm already more clear: e.g. italian chestnut honey from organic farming, bitter flavoured with fine caramel note, certificate no 102/3500 (all products will be produced in limited editions), filled by: Stefan, filled at: 18.05.2011.
These authenticity wordings could be placed for instance in a quality seal, or whereever it fits in your specific concept.
Update 23-May-11 GMT
Hi to everybody,
I received so many great inputs from you guys, that I need more time to go carefully through your entries, try to understand them in depth and give you contructive feedback.
Update 24-May-11 GMT
Hi there,
I just want to let you know, that I added a 3rd award to this project.
That's because you guys submitted already such an amazing quality work, which I would love to snatch all for myself ;-) .
So I decided to award at least 3 of your entries and giving hopefully an extra incentive for you to even escalate your efforts and bring the designs to an optimal level.
Many Thanks,
Update 6-Jun-11 GMT
You guys have been exceeding our expectations, WOW !
We got great designs, which are very different - therefore we are going to test 5 of them with consumers.
That's the reason, we decided to add 2 additional awards of $500,- each.
So, keep doing your best for the last two days, I think , it's worthwhile ;-) .
Looking forward to your final masterpieces!