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We need a terrific compelling package for an existing product that will be launching in grocery stores nationally! The current package is functional but not inspirational, and the new brand "Firefly Foods" is intended to convey the magical and light feeling our delicious kits will provide. As a new product on most store shelves, the #1 goal is to get people to notice and thus pick-up the box to learn more about us. The box itself has to convey easy, delicious, and healthy, and feel "natural".

Update 7-Oct-10 GMT
Thanks for all the great interest in our project! I have uploaded a dieline for the carton in both PDF and EPS formats. We would love to have the layout for at least the final form presented in this format, and would prefer to see the entries worked into this given its exact specifications.
Update 12-Oct-10 GMT
If it helps with the design, we're willing to "lose" the attributes on the front of the box that say "Natural and Organic Ingredients", "Family Pack", and "No Added Sugars". At a minimum, we need to say "Healthy home cooking made easy" and "Gluten Free".
Update 25-Oct-10 GMT
Hi all,

We just wanted to let you know that we've issued a cS award to user "rderaed" for their great work - congrats, rderaed!

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