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Creative brief

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Who are you?

IKS Locksmiths
Mobile Fully Qualified Master Locksmith
Security knowledge, skills and products.
• Security assessments for insurance purposes
• Advice on security requirements to both homeowners and businesses
• Cutting Keys (by hand, machine and code)
• Installation, repair and maintenance of locks to British Standards
• Emergency opening procedures and lock replacements
• Master Keying (1 key for multiple locks)
• Installation of safes
• Installation of a range of fixed and collapsible security grilles
• Installation of door closers
• Door repairs

Unique Selling Points of IKS Locksmiths

• All work is completed by a Fully qualified Master Locksmith
(Personal member of the Master locksmith Association)
This provides the customer with guarantees with regards work standards, customer service and CRB checks. This is something that only 5% of UK Locksmiths can claim.

• Low overheads allow competitive prices whilst focusing on high standards of work
IKS will be competing with the Locksmithing Market leaders with regards standard of work and knowledge and the service offered. However the fact the IKS have no retail premises will allow us to ensure that prices are highly competitive.

• A specialist in Locksmithing
IKS Locksmiths will remain focused on Locksmithing and provide a specialist service in this area as opposed to a company that offers a broader range of security services but less specialist knowledge.

• 24 hour call out service
Customers will come to know IKS as a locksmith that will be available to assist in emergency situations as well as general security.

• Both Directors have excellent customer service, communication and sales skills
This will enable IKS Locksmiths to build confidence and loyalty with customers and to secure repeat business and business via word of mouth.

• A family run company
This will enable IKS Locksmiths to maintain high standards of work and customer service. This in turn will build confidence and loyalty with customers and to secure repeat business and business via word of mouth.

Level of Competition
The Market for Locksmiths is already quite a crowded one. There are more than 8,000 locksmiths listed in the UK on With more than 7,000 of those in England. This could be considered a threat. However only 1,400 of these (approx 18%) are accredited by the Master Locksmith Association and could potentially be unqualified and without CRB check. Therefore this can be seen as an opportunity for IKS as a Fully Qualified member of the MLA.

What do you need?

An effective attention grabbing design that communicates a need to use this specialist locksmith service. Primarily for van graphics (Citreon Dispatch 2007 with 2 side doors) but it is also the intention that elements will be used on future marketing material.

It is important that the design is memorable and the name will stick in peoples heads when we drive past!

We are trying to communicate the message that customers require the services of a locksmith for situtations other than just emergencies. Our complementary security survey can ensure that customers home contents insurance are valid and reduce the likelihood of having a break in. This will give peace of mind that your family and valuables are safe and secure.

We would like the van text to communicate that 'need' to proactively use a locksmith and call for our complementary security survey.

Please see attached template for the van which is at 1/20th scale. The software is adobe illustrator and we would like designs provided in this format.

We are considering using the following printing companies if you need to ask any information:

Who Is Your Audience?

The Target Market

There are a range sources;

• Homeowners and Tenants of Domestic Properties (as well as estate and letting agents) who require increasingly sophisticated locking systems in an attempt to deter criminals.

• Owners of commercial and industrial premises, including retail premises such as jewellers with high value and high risk stock, who require regular advice on improving the locks and security measures on their premises.

• Police and insurance companies who contract locksmiths to provide advice on how entry was gained after a break-in and may use them to carry out repairs and make premises secure.

We Like These Examples

We have created graphics for our advertisement and business card. However, these were done on a temporary basis and it is not our intention to use these for future marketing materials. Please dont try and stay faithful to these designs as they are just attached to show the information relevant to the graphics but not the style.

We Absolutely Must Have

The design must include:
- The company name
- Contact numbers
- Website address
- 24 hour callout
- Police vetted and fully qualified memeber of the master locksmith association (this is important information that sets us apart from a significant proportion of other locksmiths so should be prominent)
- List of our services as per the attached advertisement

The MLA logo which can be found at the following website:

Brief updates

By crowdSPRING on 26-Jul-10 2:58 p.m. GMT
Thanks so much for all the designs to date.

We would like a attention grabbing, thought provoking image or visual to be
the focus of the design.

The aim of the image would be to attract attention and then promptthe viewer to think about checking that the security of their family and possessions is as good as it can be.

One idea may be an outline of a simple house filled with simple images of
all the valuables a property, like laptop, camera, diamonds, children,
pets,maybe with IKS incorporated in the middle. See

We would like to keep the actual text to a minimum.

The text that we do need to be prominent is:
- Police Vetted and Fully Qualified
- 0800 Phone number and a symbol that says 24hr.
- Contact us to arrange a Free Security Survey (*this is an additional piece of information*)

So people get attracted by the image and then can easily see how to contact us.

It may be necessary to omit the text listing the services. Or maybe just mention "Multiple locks working from one key"

The MLA logo can be small.

Thanks again for all your work,

By crowdSPRING on 11-Aug-10 6:58 p.m. GMT
Hi all,

We just wanted to let you know that we've issued a cS award to user "HMartinez" for their great work - congrats, HMartinez!

If you're wondering why the full award wasn't given out, well, unfortunately, the buyer in this project has asked for a refund. And, because we offer buyers a money-back guarantee, sometimes we have to make good on that promise. In these cases, we refund the entire award (and our project fee) and pay the creative a cS award out of our own pockets. We've promised that every single project will be awarded - no matter what - and this is our way of honoring that promise. While we can't always pay the full award in every case, the winning creative is also free to keep the rights to all their work and do with it what they want. We hope you understand...

Thanks so much for participating and see you around the site,

The crowdSPRING crew