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    ZippyKits Package by 8workshop

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Starts:11-Sep-09 2:34 p.m. GMT

Ends:26-Sep-09 2:34 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $800, was awarded to 8workshop




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File 1: 1748378_front panel.pdf (543.9 KB)

Uploaded on 11-Sep-09 2:37 p.m. GMT

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File 9: 1748478_bc81573801020.... (932.1 KB)

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File 11: 1762510_final zippykit... (57.0 KB)

Uploaded on 14-Sep-09 4:14 p.m. GMT

File 12: 1772928_zippykits_logo... (78.3 KB)

Uploaded on 16-Sep-09 10:29 a.m. GMT

File 13: 1794358_HP_Meatloaf_La... (1.8 MB)

Uploaded on 20-Sep-09 8:25 p.m. GMT

Creative brief

The buyer added updates to the brief. Read them.


ZippyKits are a product by the company The Healthy Pantry.

ZippyKits are 10 Minute Homemade Meal Kits.

ZippyKits provide all the premeasured shelf stable ingredients to make a meal. The customers combines our kits with one or two perishable ingredients from your frig (like milk, eggs, meat) and then assemble the kit. ZippyKits assembly time takes 10 minutes or less. All our kits are healthy, fast to assemble, and delicious. Some of our most popular zippykits are: cowboy chili, pineapple pepper meatloaf, wild salmon cakes, mac and cheese, etc.

ZippyKits target busy families that want delicious healthy homemade (home assembled) meals but don't want to do all the chopping and measuring.

Still don't get it? ZippyKits are like Hamburger helper but they are healthy, delicious and super fast to assemble.

One tag line we are playing with is: 10 Minute Homemade Meal Kits. But this may change. It is still a work in progress.


A great graphics package that is elegant, simple, modern, bright, fun, exciting, hip, smart, looks delicious and easy to read. I have attached the packaging we are currently using now, which is a sticker that we plac eon this box. Now we want the entire box designed, which is attached.

We think our current design is kind of boring and not professional. It doesn't really say much about the cool product we have or make you want to buy it because it taste delicious.


ZippyKits target busy families that want delicious healthy homemade (home assembled) meals that are convenient, fast, delicious, easy.

We want this audience to think we are the "it" product. That we are cool, trendy, smart, great, tasty, exiting, delicious, yummy, easy, something everyone will love.


Designs that are smart, clean, bright. In the next day I will upload a logo from the ZippyKits Logo Design Crowdspring project that is ending right now. So you will have a logo to include which will also give you an idea of the design we are after. The logo and the box design should work together.

In the ZippyKits Logo Design Crowdspring project some box designs were posted, please do not follow these. We want something unique.


the product name must be super easy to read. It must be something that is appealing and unique.

Brief updates

By klauver on 11-Sep-09 3:19 p.m. GMT
A few notes about the materials posted on the right, and additional specs:
1) our box is 7.75" w x 6.5" h x 3" deep
2) our current box has 4 labels on it, but we'll be "upgrading" from this to a fully printed box. The current box labels are posted as "Pineapple Meatloaf..." (front and back labels), "Side Panel...", and "8463 Box Side Label..." and we need the text from these files worked into the design.
3) Some of our kits are organic and some aren't; for those that are, we need to have a nice place to put the "USDA Organic Seal" so would ask that this be part of any proposed design (although the design must work without the seal)
4) I've posted the bar code (that can be anywhere on the package) as a separate graphic
5) I've posted our nutrition panel label as a separate graphic
6) the "front panel.pdf" and "front panel.eps" files are the actual templates we need to submit for printing these boxes. We need the final layout from the winning entry to be submitted in this format, but entries are welcome in this format throughout the project.
By klauver on 11-Sep-09 6:31 p.m. GMT
If you want to learn more about us, we're at http://www.thehealthypantry.com
By klauver on 14-Sep-09 4:15 p.m. GMT
We selected a logo which is now attached. We want to tweak a bit...but go ahead and place this into the package design for now...stay tuned for the final tweaked logo!
By klauver on 15-Sep-09 12:47 a.m. GMT
We want to stay away from zippers. No zippers.

Also, can we try adding an image of happy people. I will look for one that you can use, but if you have any stock photo that you like, by all means, go ahead and use it. The idea is we think it may be interesting to see a package with the target audience on it. This should go on the back or side panel. Not in front. The food should be in front.
By klauver on 15-Sep-09 11:10 a.m. GMT
another note...We are looking for a NEW and EXCITING package design! The package should look like something you want to pick up and buy!
By klauver on 16-Sep-09 10:29 a.m. GMT
The final logo has been uploaded. Please use this one! thanks!